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I just sat on the toilet and shook (X) Wonderful quirkiness with an unexpected side

I just sat on the toilet and shook (X) Wonderful quirkiness with an unexpected side

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For 30 years, I have had an unknown concept of constipation, and of the gold that was formed. I just had my pregnancy until week 30, which I had miraculously died almost without complaint, but then the crash came. In the toilet.

Pregnancy goldsmiths are abundant for little babies

I do not dare to say how fortunate my habits were: the vomits, the sick of the morning were avoided, the kilos were just discreetly on me - say, admittedly, I was paying attention to what I eat, to move - I did not look at the ankle, , even in the end. I found one of the foot caverns, but it wasn't nearly as terrible as my mother and my sister screamed with it, and I did not feel it in the waist, even though I wasn't carrying a little baby under my heart. All in all, I have to say that it was a miracle this couple of months I filled with my baby, I had no reason to complain.According to the August morning when I came to know the god of gold. Because I had read all the literature, mother-baby magazine, even though I knew that the gold rush might come up with a good chance during pregnancy, I was confident that the above would avoid me. First of all, I went full panic because I experienced some bleeding that morning. I'm sure the baby is not okay - he ran through my brain, but I quickly realized that this gold rush would be a symptom of something I wasn't dying about. I knew I drank a little less on those days and my fiber intake was low, but I didn't think it would annoy you so soon. Not only bleeding, hell. And I was crying out there on the toilet and I had no idea what to do. Just floated in front of me that I still have 10 weeks to go, and if it comes to me, and every day we fight with each other in the morning, then I go out of my way.Your boy on the other side of the door asked what did he know and I suddenly started to share my tribe with him. Finally, we promised each other that in good, bad, health, sickness ... It was obvious that I was going to send him to the pharmacy, and I didn't have the humor to pull me off this morning. I also got the cap of Sperti cream and I had all the confidence. Besides trying to drink more fluids, to consume more fiber, to plan my baby gymnastics many times, and to take my intimate exercise notes, I remember that in this case it is good for the rest of the body. And again, the line of rioting came, and the "routine" goldsmithed women again ran a line, but fortunately, they were wrong. Anyway, all of these would just be solved by now… Now, I'm telling myself that with this golden-blooded adventure, I picked out the statistically-obliging, unpleasant parts until the day of my birth, from here on out just come. And so it will be, I feel it.Related materials:
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