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Orphanages are being shut down

Orphanages are being shut down

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By the end of 2020, the government will close the remaining 13 large-scale orphanages - said the state secretary in charge of social affairs and social affairs.

Orphanages are being shut down

The most important task of child protection education is to ensure that the children living in state care for 23.5 thousand have a real life chance, he said. Czibere Kбroly a press conference preceding a regional child protection conference. Hozzбtette: eszkцze of this important kцzцssйgbe sikerьlt elйrni бgyazбs.Az elmъlt nйgy йvben to 12 йvnйl younger children do not kerьljцn large children's home, but it nevelхszьlхknйl helyezzйk хket - told the politikus.Az бllamtitkбr hangsъlyozta, boldogsбgбra children йpьl йs biztonsбgбra the jцvх Magyarorszбga. Ezйrt kormбny develops all the children eszkцzzel segнtх йs tбmogatу rendszereket.Ezek kцzцl highlighted the csalбdtбmogatбsi continuously bхvнtйsйt, which kцszцnhetхen today Magyarorszбg - arбnyosan GDP - the OECD бtlagбnak kйtszeresйt kцlti the csalбdok tбmogatбsбra.Czibere Kбroly in the felzбrkуztatбspolitika terьletйn lйpйsek kцzцtt emlнtette the hбrom Children under the age of one year and their mother providing daily services Provide a start for the extension of the system of children's homes; He added: They are improving school performance that improves school performance, reducing drop-out rates. The gyermekvйdelmi jelzхrendszernek kцszцnhetхen - which you have already pedagуgusok йs of the egйszsйgьgyben kцtelezх also dolgozуk szбmбra the egyьttmыkцdйs - йszlelhetхk idхben children veszйlyeztetйsйnek, elhanyagolбsбnak signs bбntalmazбsбnak - kцzцlte the politikus.A 2018 tanйvkezdettхl all jбrбsban kцtelezхvй vбlik school йs уvodai szociбlis work, the government has provided $ 5.6 billion for the new service, the secretary of state said in 2018, children in custody will be increased by 16 percent, and children's rights representatives by 30 percent. "About thirty percent - from 630 to 800 - will increase the number of places reserved for special needs children," said Kzroly Czibere. 212,000 forints. The process continues, and the average price will be 230 thousand forints next year.
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