You can do it as early as the age of the fetus

You can do it as early as the age of the fetus

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According to a new study published in the FASEB Journal online, children of mothers who are on a high-sugar, high-fat diet during pregnancy have a high rate of nutrition in the later stages.

Based on the results of experiments on rats, this is probably due to the fact that high-fat sugar content alters the reward pathways of the fetus to the brain, which affects which foods are given preference.

Instead, get used to doing good for yourself and your baby!

Not only does the result help people understand pervasive obesity, it also explains why some people are less likely to resist junk and sugary foods, while others are hopelessly "addictive."
"These results help to give women more effective help with their diets during pregnancy and breastfeeding, so that their children can have a better start in life," said the study's co-author, Beverly Muhlhausler, a researcher at Adelaide University in Austria. Muhlhausler and coworkers studied two groups of rats, which, during pregnancy and lactation, provided either traditional rat food or medium-high human high-fat sugary foods. After weaning, the seedlings were allowed to choose between unhealthy food and rat food. Puppies have also been tested for brain during childbirth at certain intervals, and the levels of brain "reward compounds" (dopamine and opioids) and their associated receptors have been measured. We have shown that mothers of malnourished mothers had higher levels of opioid receptors after weaning. This group was more likely to choose fatty foods than puppies whose mothers ate traditional diets. This suggests that children whose mothers consume a lot of high-fat and sugar-rich foods during pregnancy or breastfeeding are more likely to prefer such unhealthy foods.
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