Infants digest milk more easily than adults

Infants digest milk more easily than adults

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A study explained why babies are able to digest milk more easily than adults. The cause is found in a bacterial strain that is found in a significant number of small digestive organs.

Researchers have now found the genes that are responsible for this issue at great cost. "Human milk contains oligosaccharides. Complex structures make them indigestible to the host.

Babies digest milk more easily

THE bifidobacterium strains babies fed exclusively with breast milk are often overweight. Among the three recognized subspecies is B. longum subsp. infantis results in high levels of cell growth and is related to the initial colonization of infant intestines, "researchers from the University of California (Davis) and State University of Utah have found. B. longum subsp. infantis, which is able to utilize the carbon found in milk and is found primarily in the digestive system of children, and the other is B. longum subsp. longum, which is specialized in the metabolism of the plant-derived color.
The researchers also added: "Although early colonization has a number of causes and reasons, it is certain that oligosaccharides passing through the milk forms an ideal nutrient reservoir for B. longum subsp. infantis bacterial strains. In the process of partitioning, the gradual shift from the milk-based regimen to the plant-based regimen causes a change in the utilization of color in the gastrointestinal phase and a favorable microstructure similar to that of adults.
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