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Avoid stealing your child!

Avoid stealing your child!

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According to an experiment, it takes 90 seconds for a stranger to cheat on a child. Although the overwhelming number of rhymes circulating on the net is not true, it is worth the attention!

There is a growing tradition on the Internet that several times she has tried to take young children out of school and at play. According to the latest tradition, a Budapest, III. a woman suspect in a district playmaker who got involved and wanted to seduce a little boy. She gave birth to the name, the outsiders were not suspicious, they thought they knew each other. When one of the acquaintances' parents came over, the woman got upset and left. According to the Facebook story, when they called the police, they knew what they were talking about and who. And the personality she gave her looks for women in uniforms: 40, all-round, long-haired, and lean, with poor posture and irritation - hrr24.
The women more XIII. district school, this was also reported by teachers at a parent meeting. According to the director of the Hunyadi Memorial General School, the stranger acted very strangely, first of all, wanting to have a child, but later he caught a little boy and accompanied him to his office. The suspected woman was arrested and reported to the police. The woman is being sought after.
However, a report released by the police on Monday has revealed that there is currently only one report of a kidnapping attempt, the above-mentioned XIII. district case. In this case, several graphics were made of the women sought. And the last kidnapping in Budapest last year was 18 years ago in 1995.

It's only 90 seconds

However, goodwill was not worth it. Mostly, according to a survey, just 90 seconds - reading an SMS on the phone, talking to a familiar mom - is enough to make someone cheat on themselves. On the British ITV television channel, parents pretended not to watch their babies, even though a man walked up to the children aged 5-11 and asked them to go with him for different reasons. The result was shocking: the longest time it took to win a child's confidence was 3 minutes, the shortest was only 33 seconds.
It is very important for us to sit down with the ovis and discuss with strangers that they should never leave, and if the unknown is so intent, they should immediately call the uvunnini or the teachers. It might be a good idea to talk to your little ones about a password that nobody should ever mind, except for those who are really entitled to take the kid out of school.