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Nutrition: the most important information

Nutrition: the most important information

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Breast milk is best for an infant's diet, but it may not be the best effort and will for a baby. What are the most important information about diets?

Nutrition: the most important information

It is advisable to start breast-feeding while you are pregnant. To do this, besides the Advisory Council of Veda breastfeeding advice you can also ask for it, but you will find countless hands-on tutorials and information on the Internet. For example, I have read thoroughly the breastfeeding books of La Leche League, which you can study online. There are many keys to the success of breastfeeding: The right breast placement and breastfeeding positions - if you have chosen a baby-friendly company - are now available in the hospital. If you are having breastfeeding problems in the future (eg if your baby cannot breastfeed effectively), ask for help or breastfeeding advice as soon as possible. In such cases, diets are a safe alternative to dietary supplements.Dr. Hidvegie Edit a pediatrician, a gastroenterologist, a doctor at the Allergy Center in Buda, has been able to navigate the diet.

If light…

Very rare, unfortunately, it may happen that a mother cannot breast-feed because of some infectious disease (TB, HIV) does not allow it. And in galactosemia, when the child's body is one of the constituents of breast milk cannot processBreastfeeding should be continued during the first few days after birth, but in varying degrees. Therefore, you may also need a little extra in the beginning. In this case, an allergy prevention diet designed for newborn babies is definitely recommended. This may also be prescribed by your home pediatrician. The formula may be indispensable in the coming months. After 6 months, the amount of breast milk may decrease at different rates, since then feed intake begins. From this point on, with the increasing number of supplementary diets, either breast milk or its lack of diet is recommended.In particular, the dietary recommendation for cow's milk should be highlighted: Do not get cow milk until 1 year, but it is recommended to use infant formula or baby milk instead of in-store milk for up to 3 years.

Tбpszer? Thanks, no!

In many mothers, it causes bad sensations when you hear that your diet has changed, though Dr. Edit Hidvégi has also suggested that diet change should happen. Up to now, puffed-up, very sweet formulas have been replaced by scientifically tested and based on the results of dietary formulations whose composition getting closer to the composition of breast milk.The formulas, especially those over 6 months of age, are derived from cows' milk, but they come from controlled farms, with good hygiene conditions, and are able to produce. In addition, supplements that are also beneficial to the baby (eg vitamins, certain amino acids, iron, calcium, probiotic, etc.) are now being added to formulas. The nutritional supplements available in our country are from Western Europe and are the center of factories (Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany).

What is the basis for choosing a diet for your child?

First of all the baby determined by his agewhat kind of infant formula will your doctor prescribe. The numerals on the nutritional boxes represent the following ages:
0 - They were born for early and newborns
1 - under 6 months,
2 - After 6 months) .There are also special herbal formulas, the composition of which is in some ways beneficial to the baby. Such is the case with ъn. is a hypoallergenic formula with only pre-cured white blood cells and is used to prevent allergies. The antireflux formula for fallen babies, while the milk-free formula for milk allergies, is prescribed by a doctor.Look at the most important signs:
IF: hypoallergenic - no or very little cow's milk, which can cause allergies
PRICE: antireflux, a more dense formula for fallen babies
AH: denotes an extensively hydrolysed diet, which is a creamy milk allergy. They contain very small pieces of white caviar, so they are not allergic. They are also hypoallergenic and can be used in the case of mild allergy.

Post-mortem at 6 months

We recommend breastfeeding for up to 6 months. But what is the difference in the diet of a normal child after 6 months? ъn. junior drinks. Junior drink is a formula that is made from milk, but its composition has changed slightly. It contains vitamins and minerals that are tailored to the needs of young children. Optional, but strongly recommended.

Many people are afraid of their diet

You are not recommended to feed your baby under the age of 6 months. However, it should be noted that the use of infants in infant formulas is a controlled, non-GMO (genetically modified) product that changes its nutritional properties. It is important to know that adult booze drinks should not be given to infants or toddlers. Unfortunately, just like cow's milk, children may develop allergies to their mouths.

Does TB support the purchase of formulas until the age of three?

Normal nutrition is supported by TB for up to 6 months, and curative nutrition for 1-2 years.

What do you need to know about how to prepare your formula?

1. Always prepare the formula according to the instructions on the package, using the dosing spoon contained in it.
2. Observe your hygiene! Work with clean hands and clean tools!
3. Always prepare the formula freshly!
4. Do not warm the mix water with microwaves.
5. The finished diet should be body temperature controlled and you can check this by dripping it on the inside of your wrist. To do this, bring to a boil, bring the water back and stir in the formula.
6. Make sure that the formula is not contaminated! The opened formula can be used for 3-4 weeks. It is expedient to store it in its own packaging, well sealed. In writing this article, Dr. Edit Hidvégi was a pediatrician, gastroenterologist (Buda Allergy Center).Related articles in the diet:
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