The eyes of the world will be revealed! There are only five days to go

The eyes of the world will be revealed! There are only five days to go

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Dr. Nancy Salgueiro, an Ottawa occupational therapist, or if she sounds better, osteoporosis, has decided to single-hand her. It may be easy for millions to follow your birth online!

Nancy and her family

Nancy welcomed anyone to subscribe to the mailing list, which alerts you to events in a timely fashion, when you start to get tired. Today, October 12th, is only five days before the date of birth.
On Nancy's website, you can watch videos of the birth of two children, and in fact, you can watch a lot of home-grown videos on YouTube. Nancy's Initiative is unique because, alive, with every little detail, you can first find a natural birthplace anywhere in the world where the Internet is. For many, their stomachs are upset by the presence of birth, but this is one of the things Nancy wants to change: "Our culture rejects childbirth, it is dreadful, dangerous,
Why did you think about it?
In Nancy Salgueiro's manual therapy studies, she was first confronted with the injuries caused by certain procedures routinely used in hospital deliveries to baby babies. It has been greatly influenced by the fact that relocating a natural, normal process to a hospital, a medical facility, and a series of interventions resulting therefrom can have a detrimental effect on the health of the mother and baby. After completing her studies in Manual Therapy in 2003, she specialized in the problems of the parenting period. A so-called birthcoach, Nancy gives birth training courses, carries home births, and assists in the treatment of post-natal complaints. She also had two own children at home. And with this action, which is raising a big dust, its aim is to raise public awareness of natural birth, the benefits of home, and at the same time indicate that there is no fear, . "It's very important for women to be clear about the nature of their parent currency, to see what's normal, to be clear about what to expect when they are born."
"I want more women to have a really strong birth, safe, weak event. This is the goal I lead in my job and in my personal life," read Nancy's website.
What does the world bring to you?
Of course, the comments are mixed! There are some in Jerusalem who express disdain and defend Nancy by indulging in money, and paying attention to her parents' intimacy and peace of mind. And the fact is, you're getting so many clicks right now that it's sure to attract the attention of sponsors and advertisers, so you're sure it's not going to get bad financially. However, the vast majority of commentators are endlessly enthusiastic and curious: they are eager to witness an incredibly beautiful, natural birth. Not even a expectant mother expects her fear of birth to diminish. And that's exactly what Nancy wants to do. It is also great if even one small child succeeds in achieving this goal.
If you are interested in Nancy's birth, you can subscribe to our mailing list on our website or Facebook to learn when and how to get pregnant and have a baby.
And here you can listen to him as he tells about his plans for birth:


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