Head of the Department of Intensive Care of the Honorary Hospital

Head of the Department of Intensive Care of the Honorary Hospital

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Closed in December, the prematurely intensive department of the Honwald House was reopened in January. Due to the forced employment of the defense workers, the storm did not survive.

According to reporters, the new Defense Forces contractor for the employees was not under review and the PIC manager is missing, Csaba Nбdor, whom the paper knows will continue working in the Intensive Care Unit at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Semmelweis University this spring.Head of the Department of Intensive Care of the Honorary Hospital The law passed in December concerns not only PIC workers, but also all civilian workers in the hospital. Bar By Law, New Relationship With Public Employee guarantee over-compensation for employees - for those working in the defense health sector, gross salaries of 39,200 forints per month in 2019, to 63,000 forints in 2022 -, but extra obligations too. There is a section in the hospital that could be in danger, so many are reluctant to sign the contractor.Tibor Benkх According to the Minister of Defense, "all currencies are illegitimate", "deliberate losing, unnecessary panic" is underway with the introduction of defense employee law. He considers that the honvйdsйgnйl dolgozуk kцzalkalmazottak "tцbb than 99 szбzalйka" accepted the New Account jogбllбst - use the the New Account jogбllбs alapjбn pйldбul citing "vбlsбghelyzetre caused tцmeges bevбndorlбs" in the munkбltatу elхzetes йrtesнtйs nйlkьl can order the dolgozуi bбrhol, bбrmikor complete your care. Some of its details are limited to freedom of expression and assembly, as is the case with soldiers. The szerzхdйs alбнrбsбnak hatбrideje йjfйlkor lejбrt with by Tibor Benkх tбjйkoztatбsa the kуrhбz dolgozуi kцzьl 54 en нrtбk not alб the New Account jogviszonyrуl szуlу szerzхdйst.A PIC osztбlyvezetхje mбsik a doctor tбvozik the koraszьlцtt intenzнv osztбlyrуl the sьrgхssйgi betegellбtу centrumbуl hбrom, in a sebйszetrхl doctor is gone. The HM Cheese Department said in the Nephew, there is no cause for concern, security of supply, on PIC as well. However, the Nйpszava it нrja that the National Nйpegйszsйgьgyi Kцzpont hatбrozata to utasнtja the mentхszolgбlatot to the most complex ellбtбst igйnylх koraszьlцtteket januбr 22 tхl mбshova, pйldбul the fхvбrosban St. Jбnos kуrhбzba and the Semmelweis University Klinikбra and Tatabбnyбra, Szeged, Miskolc, Take me to Veszprém. The reasoning behind this decision is that the PIC is "requesting a substitute" because of the scarcity of human resources that has developed.
  • Due to lack of doctors, we closed the Early Childhood Center
  • The prematurely born department is revived in the birthplace of the Honorary Courthouse
  • Every 10th baby is born prematurely


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