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New compulsory vaccinations on the horizon

New compulsory vaccinations on the horizon

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With the exception of Cyprus, Iceland and Hungary, every European country has recently had a casualty claim. According to experts, it is worth maintaining the vaccine population, and even the number of obligors can be increased.

Currently, there are ten compulsory and one recommended vaccine in Hungary. It is recommended to protect against pneumococcal bacteria, which is responsible for most bacterial throat, mucous membranes, tonsils, meninges and pneumonia. Every pediatrician should offer this vaccine to the child, but it is up to the parent to decide.

The girls are coming

The next mandatory vaccination may be HPV vaccination to prevent cervical cancer. Before the beginning of this sexual life, we recommend to children 9-15 years old now. At the moment, the price of three vaccines for Syria is quite peppery: 90,000 Ft. What's in mind?

Down with Pancreas!

Vaccination against varicella is still very popular today, yet 40-50,000 cases are diagnosed every year in our country, with 200 to 300 yeasts and one to two very serious complications. Avoiding chicken pox can also be important for a family with multiple children because it can take up to several months for each child to catch and sour because of the three-week latency period. The cost of vaccination against varicella virus is currently 7-8000 HUF.

Perfect protection?

Vaccinations only protect against certain diseases and only for a limited period of time. So, even if your child has received pneumococcal vaccination, there is still a risk of throat inflammation, as most upper respiratory illnesses are caused by the virus.
Those who received a bend before 1979 may not be sure of the need for a protective vaccine. Diphtheria tetanus vaccination should be repeated every 10 years for the sake of safe protection. Newborn BCG vaccination protects against lung cancer (TBC) for up to 10-15 years.


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