They should not be pregnant

They should not be pregnant

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Although pregnancy is a natural condition, there are many prohibitions: pregnant women do not smoke, do not drink alcohol, do not eat raw meat, do not stress, do not bathe, do not eat cheese.

They should not be pregnant has taken a list of activities that, contrary to popular belief, can be done by a pregnant mother.

1. Sports

It is possible to play sports, but of course it depends on it what and how much before pregnancy the pregnant mother played sports. If you practice, you can do almost anything, even for a first-time pregnant woman, it seems like an extreme sport such as weightlifting. However, if you are just getting started, or are just starting out, you shouldn't do so.Also, there are many benefits to exercising during pregnancy: it reduces the rate of germination, helps keep your mother and baby healthy divine.huHow many times a week and how intensely your mother is exercising, depends on the benefits (how much she used to move), on the mindset, but it is worth talking to your doctor or trainer.

2. Fish consumption

The contradiction in fish consumption is that both pregnant and non-pregnant fish are known to be harmful to mercury in sea fish. However, there are many benefits to consuming fish during pregnancy: the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish have a beneficial effect on the fetus and the risk of post-natal depression in mothers is also diminished. we are small, non-prey fish: salmon, trout, (plain) mackerel, catfish, tilapiap, sardine. But we do not share sharks, tuna, swordfish and king mackerel.

3. Shop camembert

Moldy cheeses can pose a danger to the baby because they are traditionally made from unpasteurized milk and Listeria is present in unpasteurized milk and dairy products. Listeria is especially dangerous for pregnant women: they are caught more often, and if caught, can cause abortion or developmental abnormalities - but more of these are left over at dairy shops today. Listeria can also be destroyed by proper heat treatment, such as eating camembert or eating other cooked or cooked meals. The point is let's avoid the culinary, home-made moldy cheeses.

4. Coffee

Caffeine intake has been banned for many reasons, and even tea, cocoa and chocolate have been restricted due to the caffeine content. It is true that they also contain caffeine and that you should not drink / eat unceasingly. However, according to a recent research ca. caffeine a day we can drink innocently even pregnant.

5. A good hot bath

And this depends on how hot the bath is: research shows that if a mother's body temperature is at least two degrees Celsius higher than normal body temperature for a long time, it can cause the fetus to fall. That is, it can be detrimental to the fetus if the mother suffers from multiple or prolonged high fever, or if the body is raised by 38.9 C in a hot bath. The pleasant bathing water is just fine 36-37 degrees, so it's still within the security framework.