The best poses for lighter and faster birthing

The best poses for lighter and faster birthing

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Although babies are most likely to be lying in the back, it is not really comfortable and it does not help the baby to grow out. What are the best bushes in Szlès?

Why is it important to have the right position? It can make the pain more bearable and help the fetus to pass through the birth canal. However, there are two things worth clarifying on the table: one for each other, and for every woman in another position is the best, most comfortable. It is a long, long process that can be divided into several stages and each stage can be comfortable. Ideally, not only can the mom choose what position she feels most comfortable with, but she can also choose this position during the birth, as often and as often as she wants.Of course, choosing a position is very much dependent on the condition of the mother and the fetus, the possible problem, and the hospital protocol (unfortunately, - It's worth discussing this with our doctor!).It is worth changing positions many times during your childhood

These positions are worth trying out!

THE descendingthat is, relying on our palms and our knees can relieve pressure on the spine and relieve pain, help open the pelvis, and improve the ability of the fetus to repair, Right now it can be comfortable and relaxinglike on a big ball in the chair, and even on the toilet. In addition, dry footing also reduces the pressure on the pools and the dike. However, it is less recommended for pregnant women with high blood pressure! And in a specialty baby, you can not only get pregnant, but you can also bring the baby to life! The big ball can be used in many other ways: they can add to or rely on the ball. It can also be spring-loaded, which can also be pain-relieving and relieves pressure on the ball, or relies on it, to relieve pressure on the back. But be sure to have someone by your side because we can easily lose our balance! guggolбs (especially if we can hold onto a chair, a ball, or just a baby in our birth) helped the pelvis relax and open, and the fetus could have more space in the birth canal. We can be in this position in the expansion phase too! If we prefer to lie down, the lateral position the mom can be rested and she can put the fetus in the right position. Also recommended for women with high blood pressure! We can make it even more comfortable by getting a bigger cushion, folded blanket between our squares! This video shows you more positions!Also worth reading:
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