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Pregnancy benefits women over 35 Brainstorming

Pregnancy benefits women over 35 Brainstorming

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Although women over the age of 35 have to face greater risks, a study has the benefit of having a pregnant mother as they will have much better cognitive abilities and memory.

There are more and more women who have children only 30-35 years of age, or even younger, despite the fact that, according to experts, the risk of developing or developing a condition is significantly greater with older age. However, the results of a research revealed that There are also benefits to being a pregnant mothersuch as improving memory and cognitive skills.The positive effects of this early pregnancy can be felt in many ways The University of Southern California researched 830 women of varying age in cognitive and decisional abilities, as well as verbal memory. In addition, they recorded that when they had their first menstrual period, they were pregnant, how old were the pregnancies. who had a baby after age 35 had better brain skills and memorythan those who were born younger. This of course concerned the last pregnancy. It was also found that women older than 24 were more effective in solving problems and thinking more logically than younger moms. It is interesting in the results of the research that these the positive effects have persisted for years and decades, that is, the middle-aged women also influenced the cognitive abilities when they had a baby. Dr. Roxana KarimHowever, according to the study's lead author, this does not mean that it is worthwhile to postpone childbirth, but it is important to know that early pregnancies have their benefits as well. Forrбs: Popsugar MomsOther interesting articles:


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