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You need to start telling a story at a young age that will bring you closer to the world of help dogs

You need to start telling a story at a young age that will bring you closer to the world of help dogs

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Pepper Blind, Cooper and Joya Mobility Assist, Rice Autistic Assist; They and farmers are the protagonists of the early development of a storybook aimed at sensitizing children with disabilities and other forms of disability.

In the storybook, an exciting world of helper dogs

The pediatrician-sociologist author, Eszter Loványnyi his birth has been heard by him, his daily life is assisted by a dog named Kuku. From their point of view, we can meet weekly heroes living with some disability, right at least one who has a perfect bridge and a great connection between the world and the world. The most important goal of this book is to introduce the world of blind and hearing-impaired, physically challenged, autistic and therapy dogs to the world and their owners with disabilities. Full of colorful illustrations, this storybook is designed primarily for toddlers aged 3 to 12 who, from the point of view of Kuku, the hearing-aid puppy, can know the characters who are inspired by life. therefore, it is important to be able to gain experience in this area as early as possible. This is how they develop their empathy and will not be taboo on this topic, as opposed to how this is often handled by society ", said the author dog-owner pairs can also be used for everyday socializing programs or sensitive trainings. "According Remйnyeink the mesekцnyvцn йs keresztьl not only we can get to the children, but we can acquaint hatйkonyabban also йs the szьlхkkel уvodapedagуgusokkal, mikйnt valуsнthatу the йrzйkenyнtйs an a theme, amirхl often nehйz хszintйn beszйlgetni the hozzб kapcsolуdу programs" - szбmolt the mбsodlagos cйlokrуl Lovбnyi Eszter, who himself volunteered for the NEO Hungarian Shepherd Dog Association. Both the author and the people inspired by the book believed in the success of the book, and their hopes have since been confirmed. The second edition was recently made available to all interested in the storybook available in the stores and can also be ordered through this web site. kйszьlni able to foglalkozбsokra йs the szemйlyes talбlkozбs utбn be mйg maradandуbbak get йlmйnyek the elхzetes lapozgatбsбnak kцszцnhetхen.Jбrtunk a intйzmйnyekben where you have already ъgy welcomed us kids to the olvastбk tцrtйneteinket йs felismertйk szereplхket is a great place цrцmьnkre more tцbb. - tбborokban, on children's day, in the children's club, at events - use the storybook, so help dogs and the idea of ​​acceptance, which is important for the Association, " All RichбrdChairman of the NEO Hungarian Shepherd Dog Association.


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