(S) Twinstors XV.

(S) Twinstors XV.

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Baby in the car! Well, nowadays, there is no sensation unless the whole sentence sounds like this: Babies and car keys in locked cars, without parents. So you are necces.

And it happened that in order to alleviate the acute drought along the Ipoly, I stopped in front of the small paluč settlements shop. Key, sneaking in and their mother in the car and in the shop. I was just at the checkout when a desperate couple appeared in the door, asking if there was a spare key, because Borika (our car) was crooked, capturing the twins. Bang! (Even though the reserves are a hundred kilometers away, but the house key has fallen as well.) I was reminded of the approximate lines of Gyula Juhász Juhász: "If you have a cold sommelier / S e". (Although, it turned out, the innocent just went back to Ringing, but another car arrived in the middle, so the door had to be closed, and Borika, at that moment, closed in an impertinent manner.)
The rescue squad
Sipntureur: Julis and Pista (we do not know his first name, only that Pista's wives), they were supposed to keep the mood level. "Wow, what's wrong with baby kids now?" "Oh, yeah, just don't drown!" (Outside 15 degrees Celsius, the car is up to 20, and the cabin is well ventilated!) Solid, the carpenter: I missed Uncle Imre, thinking, in glass cases, he is the only one competent. A tiny bit of surprise from the villagers who just got out of the business. The couple who were responsible for keeping the masses away. I myself, who performed the logistical task of choosing the perfect rescue ideas. ("The hood should be opened!" "Just because Drutos Churi just got out, before all the Lada doors open." "You, the Mancies, have Volkswagens, their keys weren't you?") he could only express his regret that neither his cello nor his cello could, at the very least, bring Sanyi to Bruxelles, if he had repented after yesterday's wedding. (Politically, "Citizens" is the most well-off here, so he thought this line would be the best way to deal with the emergency.) I assured him that something would be needed here, let's leave the traits.
In the car
As far as I was able to take it out in the fray, the guys in all of them were completely desperate for their plush empire. Although Soma sometimes asked, "Dad won't you come in?", "Are you missing in?", But they are apparently good at this. Of course, we had to reassure them again and again that the "sheky" schoolgirl had not been replaced with "Juliska's", only that the old schoolgirl could not be kept away from the car. (Fest was hesitant to see if the babies were alive.) Ring was most concerned with the size of the tigers, but sometimes he waved at the crowd, suddenly enjoying it.
The rescue team
Solid, the carpenter was just swinging the hammer when we stopped by an asphalt rock jeep. "Wait a minute, I'll open it anyway, just to get my gears up." It disappeared in the trunk of the jeep. I tried to blend all my long forgotten electrical engineers' memories, but I couldn't even imagine a deco-locking central lock and opening it. Then our man came out with a steel-cut corner and a cut-out saw blade. Well, I thought, Borika, you deserve this! Not detailed, but after a quarter of a quarterback's battle, the Solid Glass Hats, the jeep man's dry and glazed hands, squeezed the look of this one, if you look at it. karjбban. Later, our insurance agent went through a minor infarction when I informed him that he was about. we'll make fifteen spare keys for Borik, and only Bella's friend will have two ...


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