Mola Pregnancy: Who Are You At Risk?

Mola Pregnancy: Who Are You At Risk?

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During pregnancy, also known as mole pregnancy, the placenta becomes blistered and proliferates, so that the placenta develops into a malignant tumor. In older patients, it is often only by removal of the uterus that the disease can be cured.

Mola Pregnancy: Who Are You At Risk?Mole pregnancy is a type of gestational trophoblast disease (GTB) that is curly leaf sprouting means. There are two types: the whole of the litter, or the whole, of which only one part of the fluff is affected. Partial mole in case of pregnancy the embryo starts developing abnormally and then dies"Even embryonic tissue does not appear in complete molars," he said Dr. Hernbad Balzb, a Nursing Oncologist at the Center for Dormition.

Causes and occurrence of mole pregnancy

The process can be traced back to the fertilized egg, which, for reasons that have not yet been clarified, starts to develop abnormally in the fetus and in the cells of the placenta. Ideally, there are 23 pairs of chromosomes in the human cell, half of which are from the mother, while the other is encapsulated by the Apt. In contrast only the paternal chromosome can be found in the complete molar, which can be created, for example, when two sperm fertilize an egg. In case of partial mole, maternal chromosomes can be found, however, paternal chromosomes are doubled, so one third more, the total number of embryos is 69. " and may occur in women over the age of 40. Very common, but geographically and non-ethnically, in Asia. Some researchers have also linked this diet to a poor diet in animal fat and carotene, but unequivocal research results have not yet confirmed this hypothesis.

Symptoms of mole pregnancy

Symptoms occur during the first trimester of pregnancy: soon after the pregnancy is diagnosed, dark brown coloration, severe vaginal bleeding may occur, and nausea and vomiting occur more frequently. Ultrasonography shows that the flesh is filled with strange, blistering tissue growth, and often patients with this type of vaginal discharge are observed, the specialist said. Due to the higher number of pregnancy hormones, thyroid dysfunction, particularly hyperthyroidism, may be observed.

Treatment of mole pregnancy

Following an accurate diagnosis, the doctor tests the patient with so-called vacuum aspiration, and the patient monitors the condition of B-Hcg hormone levels over several months. If histopathology reveals a malignancy, chemotherapy is used to treat the treatment. Often over 50 years of age, only the uterus can be cured of the disease, said Dr. Balázs Hernaby. As a result, increasing levels of the hcg hormone may be overexposed.
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