We pay for birthsBut how much and to whom?

We pay for birthsBut how much and to whom?

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Recently this topic has been published. In the meantime, more and more experiments are being run to change the system. At all points, is it clear to you what you can count on when you are born on a monetary field?

We pay for the birth

The most important question for a pregnant mother remains: what should I do to get the best possible birth care?

Hablapnzz, tariff or slipper?

It is estimated in 2008 that patients paid fifty billion forints per month to their doctorswhile social security contributions pay out fifteen percent of their gross monthly salary to finance their health. And in the midst of the mess, I pay for being a professional and attentive to punishment? Or because I was born on call by a doctor who came to my birth outside of office hours - would it be the tariff, the expense, the extra service? Or I pay because I hope I can count on better service then - this is called crippling, and so is corruption. Is it because I know that the doctor's salary is less than he is supposed to be and is worth more?
It is not unnecessary to disappear at all! The maternity allowance is payable to all insured persons without any further payment obligation! The Eighty Hundred Thousand Thousand Forints that the OEP pays to the hospital for each baby is also included in the cost of the doctor, the nurse, and the cost of using the equipment. She's supposed to be a doctor, a nurse is a hospital employee, and if you are working during her working hours or during her formal care.

What am I paying for?

This is also worth thinking about! You can't expect your visiting doctor to run into the hospital outside your office hours, free and free, even at two in the night, when your birth starts, it is not your job and your salary does not include that amount. And for an extra service fee, feel free to ask in advance that none of you will be in awkward position. Find out what your doctor is doing with your self-paid five to fifteen thousand forint visit, and then the paid cash: can you call five or an assistant at any time? Do you have to pay for prescriptions and exams? Can you search for it personally when the birth or the church starts?
Can you survive even if you are premature or have other births (as not all babies are entitled to the right equipment and staff to care for them)? Do you take into account your desires during childbirth (childbirth, interventions, sectional surgery, breastfeeding in the living room, 24 hours room-in and so on)?

Do I have to give birth carefully?

Yes, this is an opportunity, not at all unbelievable! Pregnancy care can also be obtained at a specialist surgery without further payment if you have a Taiwan Card. There are Hungarian nurseries where the choice of a doctor has been eliminated, and was restricted to contract physicians in the hospital, and so the baby was always provided by the attendant. In the past three years, we have not yet received a complaint from our editorial board, which may also indicate that there is always a doctor in charge of parenting!
It is also not impossible for the attorney to take your requests into consideration when trying to ensure professionally sound care. Medically correct decisions include so-called professional protocols that guide you from one step to the next when to do it, but of course, there are great personal differences to deal with. It is often the case that different doctors are overwhelmed by the fact that you can have a natural birth after having a prior cesarean section. Professional protocol does not regulate the posture of birth or the ability to relieve pain. There is a hospital where every other woman gives birth to a cup, and there is one where everything comes together.

How much should I pay?

If you are a little inquiring or on the net, you will "find the bargain rates". Here you can find out how much other mothers usually pay. You can also inquire about your baby. This is also necessary because many doctors are reluctant to say a specific amount due to legal uncertainty.
If you didn't have a doctor of your choice, you can't support expectations on any basis, so if you want, you pay (as much as you intend), but you can't expect them, even if you have a baby at night. It is by no means irrelevant whether or not your doctor is an employee of the hospital or is engaged in private practice. In the latter case, the price may be higher, as the physician will have to pay for the delivery in some form - while the hospital will naturally receive a low price from the OEP after such deliveries.
Based on the announcements made by Maksimem.hu, in 2014 he found that there is no free birth in Hungary: it costs more than 150 thousand HUF. And, based on the stories that you have, it can be stated that there are some who do not pay in principle, but they may not be fine again.
Also in 2014, it was announced that she gave birth to ten women in the Debrecen Board of Directors, and a year's worth of compensation, because of the loss of money. The defendants operated a so-called "excuse" system, which was designed to include health workers who did not directly participate in the emergency. The money raised was distributed monthly to the workers.
Our previous analysis about this topic about a year ago. Since then, the situation is essentially the same.
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