That was how the baby fell into the full pool

That was how the baby fell into the full pool

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The swimming pool or the garden pool is very attractive for small children. And incredibly dangerous. Unless…

Unless you learn in good time how to save your life. Participants in ISR (Infant Swim Self Rescue) courses are safe even at the indoor pool. You can even learn how to take up a posture where you can float safely on top of the water and breathe comfortably.
The method has been developed for over forty years, and has been developed and enjoyed by parents and children alike. They go to courses of about six weeks with their little parents, where they first get used to water, then wear no clothes, and later, in full street attire, exercise and exercise, as well as exercise in length.
Between the ages of one and one, the point is to learn how to float safely, and older people are practicing a special backwater to get ashore.
From the movie below, you easily understand the ISR essence.