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The effect of oxytocin on spirituality

The effect of oxytocin on spirituality

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Oxytocin is known as the love hormone because it helps to form bonds and tightens social relationships. Oxytocin also enhances spirituality, according to a recent study.

According to a Duke University study, there are a number of positive effects on the spiritual level when we lose oxytocin. Men in the experiment who received oxytocin felt more spiritual even a week later. Following the extra intake of the hormone, more positive feelings have been experienced in meditation. " that oxytocin is something that is organically linked to spirituality and strengthens our beliefs, "says researcher Patty Van Cappellen, of Duke University. placebуt. The former group was able to promote openness and connection with other people, and found himself more spiritual than others. According to the expert, oxytocin has an effect on how we believe in the world and what it believes. It is understood that oxytocin affects women like men, but the effect of the hormone on women needs to be further investigated.


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