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Slide - for baby too

Slide - for baby too

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It can also be played by anyone who has not had ice skates in their lifetime and has always avoided ice. That's what Tatyun Sunnyogh, the former Hungarian skating champion, develops the Slide training program.

If an unsuspecting spectator enters the ROXAN gym, you may be in for a special treat. Forget-me-not-to-slip women - including their mothers - always float on the ground as they perform moves similar to skating. There is no sign of fatigue, only the sweat droplets on the smiley faces indicate that - despite all the looks - there is serious physical training going on.
- Dance, gymnastics, skating together! However, there is no choreography and no need to skate! This is the Slide. Unlike any kind of gymnastics, aerobics - Tatyana Sunnyogh, the inventor of the genre, is into the mystery. - The device itself is well known in the world of speed skating. It is nothing more than an artificial turf, that is, an approximately fifty-by-one hundred centimeter slippery plastic surface with closed edges. We put on a special slipper for our feet, fasten the bike and start skating. Speed ​​skaters themselves made these tools and used them for their preparation skills. My friend Emese Hunyady, a speed skating champion, often saw her train, which at first seemed to be unanimous, as she was slipping back and forth. That's when I came up with the idea of ​​skating in the skating world, with the basics of shape design, and everyone thinks skating in the summer is feasible and enjoyable. Together with the University of Physical Education, we have worked out a training method for all muscle groups based on the elements of the gym. This gave birth to Emeslide, which, as a new sportsman, I defended.
Slide moves all muscle groups. Extremely powerful cardio training, which means you increase your heart rate and keep it in the so-called weighting range, sometimes keeping it moving. So it is also for the benefit of those who want to lose weight and for those who are looking for conditioning, better fitness. We burned about eight hundred calories, which is very effective. The advantage of Uri is that it has no crazy effect. You can't compare it to jumping, jumping, running, climbing, because there is no hopping, sudden movement. The feet never rise from the ground, with a sliding motion slowly loading one foot and then the other. That's why we recommend it for little ones too, as the Slide is completely anti-smoking and is extremely comfortable despite its higher body weight. In addition to cardio load, its shape, muscle-strengthening effect is also significant. It shapes mainly tender areas, the inner and outer thighs, the buttocks and the belly.
Thanks to the varied musical world and the many humorous, varied dancing elements, all of this is almost imperceptibly accomplished, with no patience, no suffering. It's like a single skating trainer taking part. Of course, the moving material is completely different, but the mood is almost the same. Music with a different rhythm and style changes every two minutes. We turned from a wild twist to a graceful orb and then slipped into a sneaky trap. Everyone feels like they are in a fun, not-so-casual party! This time with our pictures, we are introducing this kind of home law to our readers. Find some good music and follow our exercises on the parquet floor in socks. If you feel like it, you might want to get a "jigsaw" and more permission to safely slide.
Women, toddlers and moms who like to exercise, exercise, and mothers with small children can try Slide who can't get to the ROXAN fitness club. For home use, you can buy a device that comes with a single video cassette. Slowly reflecting the atmosphere of the city, this show introduces the basics of slide-show. So, at home, we can steal the jigsaw.
1. Exercise some slideshows from your traditional warm-up moves!
At one end of the carpet, we support our feet by placing our body on. The other foot of the foot, with springy movements, gently slide it down and down. Do the exercise with the other leg support as well!
2. We try to get from one end of the carpet to the other three and then two. Pay attention to your straight posture and gradually increase the width of your legs!
3. Mastering the Slide Basic Movement follows.
From one end of the "pile" we start with a closed, squat position. With the outstretched leg, we strongly support ourselves as we move our body onto the other foot, which is bent at the bottom of the crouch down to the other side. Make the same move to the other office, and keep slipping from one end of the rug to the other! Yeah, we learned to skate!
Important! Always make sure that you have the right balance. We need to get a great deal of momentum for a successful transition in which arm work helps. During the slip, all the foot pads should be constantly on the carpet.
4. Goodbye! We raise one foot to the end of the carpet, the other one "weights", lift our heels - and turn it to the right and left as if we were actually wasting. There is an arm in the middle of the arm with the same direction.
5. Let's continue the presidency, this time with a couple of feet! We have all our heels right on the carpet, rotating the assembled soles in one direction.
6. Running on the spot! We are all on the ground - at a standstill, parallel to each other. Body on the foreleg. Then changing the leash continuously, with the opposite arm changing, will help the movement.
7. Rotating with a spin! The base slip stitches together in a 360 degree turn, and then comes with a lift. Attention! Our feet will stay in the carpet all the time, only lifting our feet on arrival!
Perform dynamic exercises 2-3 minutes, depending on your strength!
8. Exercise training. We start with stretching and slowly tightening the buttocks, thighs, and belly at the same time, locking our feet together. The muscles of the back, thighs, thighs, and abdomen work intensively. Meanwhile, we are clamping our palms together tightly to form the pectoral muscle.
Repeat: Twice.
9.Lean one leg flexed, leaning the other, gently inverting it gently in a small motion. Extremely powerful combell shape!
Repeat: Twice in series ten times.
10. Shaping the Waistline! Raising our toes, we straighten our heel from one edge of the carpet to the other with the opposite upper body and arm swivel. The slim waistline is here! Repeat: as long as the carpet is not warming up under our buttocks.
11. Exercise Abdominal Muscle Exercise for Little Breast and Spine Support. Starting position: Slightly stretched leg, heel on carpet, with upper body supported. At the same time, slowly lift the upper body up and then back to the starting position. Repeat: Twice in series.
12. Armrest at the end of the carpet. We lift our hips and keep our heels on the carpet so we keep changing our feet. The back of the thigh and the upper arm are shaped by exercise.
Repeat: Twice.
13. Drainage. We offer the most demanded thigh-tight muscle, the gtizis. Fold our feet forward and then back into the starting position. Further derivation exercises can be completed with the traditional finishing stretch-loose movements.


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