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You may not need to take a language exam yet

You may not need to take a language exam yet

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The Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM), in consultation with the HOK and other organizations, recommends that the government avoid the requirement of a mandatory language examination for admission to higher education.

You may not need a language exam yet (photo: iStock)This proposal will be presented to the government on Wednesday, the Secretary of State for Parliament announced in Hajduszoboszlo. National Public Education Specialist Conference.Schanda Tamбs he recalled at a professional event: in 2014, the government proposed that, in order to be eligible for higher education, a secondary language exam should be required from 2020 onwards. As he said, they negotiated and agreed with all the partners in charge, and further emphasized that it was his turn to prepare everyone for the new regulation. "However, over the past few years, various organizations have come to our department to conduct further negotiations with us in the compulsory language exams. we propose a review of the previous decision"- Tamás Schanda announced before the educators who attended the event. He concluded: The government is still working to make Hungarian youth the winner of the future. framework curriculum and related textbook developers are in the spotlight - he noted, noting that NATO is expected to be adopted by the government by the end of this year, and will be available on September 13, 2020. , szaktanбcsadу, intйzmйnyvezetх йs intйzmйnyfenntartу, oktatбskutatу, policymakers йs felsхoktatбsi professionals in rйszt. Бttekintik kцznevelйs but not limited to, the szakkйpzйs the felsхoktatбs йs the felnхttkйpzйs New Account irбnyait the technolуgiai kihнvбsokat, the system oktatбsi szerepйt valу the vбltozу vilбgban eligazodбsban.
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