She was seventy years old

She was seventy years old

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The Indian woman and her husband had been dying for almost fifty years, because without a child their lives were not complete.

Daljinder Kaur recently gave birth to a healthy son. As he explained in a report with him, he felt that he could not be old enough to have a child. Even though their 79-year-old hubby has been married for 46 years, even though she has never been pregnant before, she has never been able to conceive. - God listened to my prayer. I have just become truly full of life and filled with it in an incredible way. My husband is also very caring and knows a lot about what he knows, "the woman in the eastern part of Amristar said to AFP.

Kaur has IVF, or ъn. In the Vitro Fertilization procedure, he finally realized his life. Outside the body, you can: In fertilization in glass, or in another flask, using a customized treatment protocol, the ovaries are made with as little hormonal stimulation as possible.

The follicle content of the ova is drained across the vagina, and the resulting ova are fertilized with the spermatozoa released by the male member of the couple. Fertilized embryos are delivered to the abdominal cavity with the help of a thin catheter.
Initial doctor Anurag Bishnoi was skeptical at first and did not put much hope for the success of the procedure. - Quite frankly, at first I didn't want to divorce, as the patient looked very weak and frail. But then we did all the examinations and the test results all showed that we could do it, and we did, "he said.
Kaur's case is not unique, only a couple of years ago in India, and she has given life to seventy-year-old twins through IVF.


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