Lark early in the morning, owl in the early evening more prone to self-rattling

Lark early in the morning, owl in the early evening more prone to self-rattling

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People are more prone to stressful activities during stressful tasks, that is, to unconsciously complicate matters at the time of the day they choose - that is, when in principle they perform best.

Lark early in the morning, owl in the early evening more prone to self-rattling

At the very least, it emerges from a research conducted at Indiana University. Research in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology essentially points out the the owl types, which are just the other way around, are full of energy in the evening, just at this time of day. цnszabotбzs In the concept, psychologists mean when somebody is looking for excuses already about its potential failures in such a way that it creates conditions that prevent it from coping with a stressful task. A good example of this is when someone misses an evening before an important exam or an internship, and has a party, instead of starting and focusing on the task before, but it also includes when you alcohol or drug use - product. The study showed that chronic crook seekers at the time when they did not bring their peak shape showed the same level of stress as those who did not have hair-seeking crooks and their levels of stress are higher, and this is also how it was criticized for their poor performance. Subjects were pre-categorized according to their type of lark or owl, and then asked to complete a test that was randomized to be at 8 in the morning. We also have a preliminary assessment of how much you tend to sabotage your own work. As the research leader Ed Hirt, a professor at Indiana University, explained in the exam that people who uncertain in themselves And because they are afraid of failing in front of tasks, they are more likely to make excuses and to get rid of responsibilitywhen they are at peak performance, not when they are in a worse shape.All of these professionals recommend that those who do not want to be trapped in the same way should be stressed out at the same time they also have to count on the fact that their power will not be at its maximum. However, the best strategy for everyone would be to avoid their own backward behavior by introducing some common practice into their everyday lives, with the help of experts.


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