Many newborn babies can reach 100 years of age, according to British research

Many newborn babies can reach 100 years of age, according to British research

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As many as two-thirds of children born in the past year can survive the age of one hundred, at least in Britain.

Many newborn babies can reach the age of 100

According to a survey by the United Kingdom's National Bureau of Statistics, it will not be surprising to find someone of such a high age, as members of the baby boomers are typically on average over 24 which means that the peaceful years of men born after the Second World War are extended by one year to those who are 30 years longer and women by six years. All in all, they don't count expect easy to remember the nineties lifeand even one in every 65-year-old women will become one in twelve and one in twelve will be able to celebrate their 100th birthday.
In the United Kingdom, the estimated life expectancy of current infants is 82.7 for girls and 79 for boys, but if you take into account estimates that long-term ratios will improve by 93 years, By 90.6, that is, many of today's children have a chance to enter the 22nd century. Conservative estimates put the 797,000 currently out of 274,000 - or one-third - out of 100 children younger than one year old, but more than two thirds (530,000), according to more optimistic estimates.
Whatever the currency of the assumptions, by 2037 it will be quite normal for a person born at that time its life expectancy will be 100 years. As for the elderly, an average male who retired last year will have an unexpectedly 86.2 years, or 21.2 happy retirement years, while a woman who turned 65 last year may think , 9 years ago.
Although the average age of women is still greater than that of men, difference in life is a matter of decline, and so does life.
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