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There are few houses for sale that can be bought in the village CSOK

There are few houses for sale that can be bought in the village CSOK

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Real estate for sale can only be picked up by the village CSOK and needs a lot of renovation.

In June, the Home Map and the more than 131,000 properties in the Real Estate Database advertised only 4,875 unique family houses that are located in the Southeastern part of the island.There are few houses for sale that can be bought in the village CSOK Due to the CSOK these demand may jump significantly. The largest house that can be bought with village CSOK is found in Heves, Baranya and Somogy counties, while the smallest house is advertised in Hajdъ-Bihar, Fejer and Pest counties. Only a tenth is insulated.The rural CSOK can also have the benefit of improving the energy efficiency of a rural family home. The average square meter of non-modernized houses is 64 thousand HUF, the insulated houses are 149 thousand HUF.
  • Large families can get a country house for free
  • A list of the supported settlements of the village CSOK was published
  • This kind of locomotion can be the village CSOK


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