Baby Bathing: 10 Common Mistakes

Baby Bathing: 10 Common Mistakes

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One of the things many first-time parents dread is bathing. What is it that we most often spoil or neglect? Цsszeszedtьk.

Baby Bathing: 10 Common Mistakes

1. The water is too cold or too hot

Small skin is much more sensitive than an adult. What we still endure with heat may be too hot for him. Ideal vnz hffok: 36-37 Celsius (Testhхmйrsйklet). If you do not have a water meter, check the water temperature with the help of your wrist or hand. The skin surface here is more sensitive, so we can spot it if the water temperature of our baby is not good enough.

2. Let go of too much water

It's just enough to bathe your baby 5-8 cm water, so much so that we can comfortably carry the baby with the help of a sponge or textile pelus. It is also easier to avoid getting your stumps water the first couple of weeks.

3. The air is too cold

In order not to overcrowd the little one, we should provide a minimum of 24 degrees in the area where we bathe, where we go, diaper, and move.

4. The oil stump will be wet

The stump is sutured, which protects the wound from the mumps. However, if this suture becomes soft, the stump may become infected. The bathtub does not have to be stuck in the bathtub. But care should be taken to bathe the little water and not let the sender water. The baby stump falls off at 2-3 weeks of age.

5. It takes too long to bathe

Prolonged bathing can dry out your baby's sensitive skin, causing discomfort. It takes 2-3 minutes to get rid of dirt on the skin.

6. Wash the hair at the beginning of the bath

If the crown is too big to wash, it is best to leave the bath at the very end so that the baby's skin does not soak in shampoo water.

7. The bends are missed

Many times, litter, dirt, breast milk, formula, baby food remains in frightening places. We need to examine the bends well (area between neck, knee, underarm, toes, ears), because it may be easy for the skin not to look, there is a little dirt.

8. Frequent bathing

First of all, take the whole bath from the washbasin. According to experts a newborn does not need a thorough bath every day. What is important is to keep the area around the diaper clean at all times and to clean your hands and face daily. Even if your baby is 6 weeks old (not yet born), it's worth considering how dirty the baby is at the end of the day. (Of course, if you have paid for yourself thoroughly, a full bath may be justified.) Of course, the time comes when you need a daily shower or bath. With the onset of the doldrums and toddlers, the amount of dirt that can be present on the child can be high, so it is inevitable to have a big paddling in the evening. Most kids are excited, little kids love the water. Of course, if you do not have skin on your baby, you can bathe daily, but be careful to use skin-friendly products and make less.

9. Leave the baby alone

It may sound incredible, but it can drown in a few inches of water the little. Parents do not usually leave small babies alone, but unfortunately many do. However, it is very important not to leave the bathtub for a few minutes, because a small child can drown in water up to 10 cm and open the tap, which can be hot.

10. Wash your hair badly

As long as there is no significant crown, you do not need to shampoo the baby's head. First, wash off sweat, milk, dead skin cells from the scalp with only bathing gloves, pelus, or sponge soaked in water. If your hair starts to get cold, the baby shampoo is easy to come by. In order to prevent the formation of a cosmic, gently, carefully rubbed scalp. You can even apply a soft hairbrush to the operation.
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