New therapy in eczema

New therapy in eczema

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In the background of atopic eczema, allergic inflammation is often present. Now, new therapies have emerged from the immunotherapy initially developed for cyanobacteria.

New therapy in eczemaNew therapy is being sought at the Department of Allergology at the University of Debrecen. Eczema is a very common disease - affecting almost 20 percent of children - in the background of atopic dermatitis, usually with some form of allergic inflammation. The disease begins in childhood and usually goes back to 20 years, but a small number of cases require lifelong treatment. Therefore, it is a great challenge for researchers to develop therapies that not only have a symptomatic effect but can bring about a complete healing process. which sensation patients try to alleviate with skin scratching, however, can impair the skin's protective function, which can also cause allergies and microbes. This also plays a role in the possibility that blinded wounds may become infected and further inflammation may occur and immune reactions may occur. In addition, other atopic diseases can often occur - he told hirek.unideb.hu Krisztiбn GáspбrAccording to the University of Debrecen Faculty Бltalбnos Orvostudomбnyi Bхrgyуgyбszati ​​Allergolуgiai Tanszйkйnek adjunktusa.A kutatбs the atуpiбs dermatitis esetйben the asztmбhoz hasonlу processes are vйgbe.A kutatуcsoport йs a slight szйnanбthбban asztmбban korбbban you have already hatйkonynak bizonyulу allergйn immunterбpia atуpiбs dermatitis tanulmбnyozta tцrtйnх alkalmazбsбnak hatбsait. The unique research involved patients who had atypical skin inflammation in addition to their syndrome. The researchers were interested in how immunotherapy, which can treat silence, affects how eczema works. Based on the results so far, the syndrome symptoms have improved over many years, and serious changes have occurred in allergic processes in the skin, as well as loss of skin through loss of skin. Overall, there have been changes that have proven to be a good effect of immunotherapy - summarizing the results of studies to help treat atypical dermatitis. produce results. In addition to encouraging patients to be open to new therapies, the Dermatology Clinic is constantly providing the opportunity to learn about new healing modalities and try the most up-to-date medications.
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