So kill nature

So kill nature

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Researchers in Austria and Britain have found that those who spend at least 30 minutes a week in a park are less likely to have high blood pressure or any type of mental illness than those who do not.

So kill nature

A study conducted by Queensland University experts shows that it is important for everyone to have nature as a part of their lives, as it can reduce the risk of heart disease, stress, anxiety or depression. Dr. Danielle Shanahan He hopes that everyone walks half an hour in the nearby park at least once a week Decrease in depression by 7 percent and risk of high blood pressure by 9 percentwhich would also mean significant savings for health. The expert added that for example, 40 percent of Brisbane residents do not go out on a weekly basis, so it's really important spend time outdoors, not just across the wall.Learning from Scientific Reports also revealed that more time spent outside is especially important for children because it can also help.
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