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I see what I need to doJordan Adel, baby Andor, and the new challenges

I see what I need to doJordan Adel, baby Andor, and the new challenges

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"Andor loves music a lot: when I diaper or rock, weird puns come out of me, and his father gives us music."

Jordbn Adél (31)
a member of the Budapest Katona József Színhbaz
Szьlei: Kati LÁZÁR and TamĂĄs JordĂĄn are actors
Fйrje: Tamás Crusader, composer
children: Andor, born November 6, 2010
What could we see? She has appeared in the most successful Hungarian feature films of recent years (among others: Just Sex and Nothing, 9 and 1/2 Dating, Colorado Kid), and has played a number of classic and modern plays (for example: Ivanov, h love triumph).
We run in the Art Nouveau-style wooden gate painted on the Green House of Ubud with Adele and the righteous sleeping with Andor - coming home from the darkness. Adél settles into a cozy home that has recently been remodeled and remodeled. While Andor is sleeping in the yard, Adel's real cook, without cooking, is making his coffee on the indelible little kitchen utensil he got from Richard Sabo. The result is very crisp, the housewife is very friendly.
My soul was also made
- I was very lucky, because in the first trimester I was a bit flat, but apart from that I was fine. I went to a baby tower and finally set up a program for myself. I have been knocking regularly, and this form of movement has become very rewarding. I went to Rudas, where only the resting women were calling, and I had a great time there. I also worked during the summer, and we had lectures with my classmates. So I was filled with doubts that everything was going to turn out good, the baby would be healthy and the like - the doubts and the fears only disappeared when I made Andor.
- Are you making a book out of puppies, or are you in the mood for puns?
- It helped me a lot to come to the birthrate for Gerbie Belgians. Until then, I was confronted only with examinations, figures; the male-dominated world of women's femininity is more perceptive of pregnancy. We also talked about breastfeeding, baby care and the spiritual side of motherhood. I realized there was a little brat living in me with a soul. At that time, I was thinking very much about home, but finally Gerbie would not have been there, so I had given birth to Andor in a chosen house, but in a hospital.
- In honor of the arrival of Andor, you are living in a large apartment. Are you ready in time?
- I told the tummy-tucker Andor that we had to do this and come back later. The last frustrating detail was the kitchen counter - when we were equipped, the baby started out that night…Life has brought it
- You are designing a non-intervention parenting. Sikerьlt?
- Unfortunately not. At week 38, an early morning urn began to leak amniotic fluid, but I didn't realize much about what happened to me. I had my cubs, but I thought I was a jerk. So it was nice to have a bath at home, I drank, we made some irregular chaff. Twelve lords passed before we went to the hospital, where I did not ask for analgesia, but they gave oxytocin. After twenty more hours of buttering, we had to wait until after the expulsion stage, by then we were both so tired.
- Your friend was with you?
"He was awesome with me until the end, or more precisely, until the show, so focused on me that I felt we did it all the way through." The cupper's control was uplifting and kept me in a pleasant condition. I want to experience it once and live the real birth!
- What was it like to meet the baby?
"When he did to me, he was fatigued, but he opened his eyes vigorously and looked very carefully at himself." He had spent the first night with me, which we had been sleeping with for a while.
- What did you choose your name for?
- One of my grandparents was Andor and Tom, so the naming was clear.
- Did you have any help in the first few days?
- The couple's mom stayed with us for two weeks, and she helped me a lot. For days I could barely move, I don't even know if I had solved it alone.
- Daddy's involved in baby-related activities?
"Since Tamba has a nine-year-old step-son who was a bit old-fashioned and takes care of roula, Andorra became very attentive too." It takes a lot of the burden off the country. He does a lot of work, but when he is home, I can count on the picur, he has replaced me a hundred.
- Did you breastfeed?
- I could only breastfeed for three months, I had no idea I didn't have enough milk. Fortunately, to this day, she receives breast milk from a friend, Jucito (Judit Rezes). Your milk brother, Misi and Andor, are only five days away.You just have to watch
- I haven't had a complaint since I've been here. Is it always so good?
- Yo baby, you just cry when you're hungry. I won't let him sing, I hope I don't spoil it. Sleep well: Sleep six hours at nine in the evening, then again, and often sleep over. He starts sleeping in the baby bed, continues between the two of us, and in the morning I put him in a spring swing, which is a real blessing. Andor loves music a lot: when I diaper or rock, weird strangers come out of me, and his father gives us music. We often sing to him.
- We'll get you good advice this time. Who are you listening to about parenting?
- I'll listen to everyone, and then I'll fuck what you think is right for you. You just have to pay attention to this kid and know what to do. I read some things on the internet sometimes, but I'm also looking for the most reinforcement there.
- What's the biggest challenge for you in your new life situation?
- I'm in twenty shifts. Perhaps the hardest thing is to be able to spend time and energy with each other. He'll be home at eleven o'clock at night, and if I stay with him for a couple of hours, it won't even be worth it because Andor's around two or three. The hell is missing, sometimes I realize that I haven't talked to an adult since days. Tamba also makes sure that I can leave home from time to time, but when I move out, I always find that this is not my world, I don't miss anything, and for a while I don't want to go anywhere.
- Andor and you are coming ...
- She loves the programs, she takes her to wherever she goes, she's great. The air always falls asleep, and the other day we were in a spa, where he lay on the bed looking up to the caverns. We were already in Ringatun - she liked it because she fell asleep. There is an indoor playhouse on the playground, and there are also good programs here at the Malta Charity Service.
- Do you have a child with her in the family?
- My grandparents passed by on the Jordan 90 years old and 70 years old together. Andor is the eighteenth dean. The ones we meet most often are one of my friends who has other children and three-year-olds. But Andor doesn't seem to want a kid at the moment, he's having fun with his friends, Elephant Elli, Répa Rivi and Lonely Sonya ...


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