God, am I really that?

God, am I really that?

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When I had to look at the balance at the last medical exam before childbirth, I was completely embarrassed. "82 kg," the assistant said. "24 kilos plus mom, now you should stop pounding," the doctor replied.

But I didn't forget it at all. I'll never forget that morning ... As I took off my lingerie for showering, I noticed something in the mirror, but the tummy was pretty much over there. There was no way I could turn around to see what was going on under my stomach, so I called my mom to help me see what this little one was surprising in the South. Mom took a quick look at the situation. He took his most reassuring, sweetest voice, put his hands on my shoulders, and then said, "Nothing wrong with my life, just cracked your skin underneath your belly." would be! I thought the purulent-red streaks from my eyes to my dumbbell seemed to be hardly calming. Even if I had known that by week 41, I'd be picking up a pearl and every other day there would be another itchy crack on my skin ... No one would wake up a person's body. Say, of course, things will change. One can expect to temporarily pick up some extra and that after breastfeeding the tits will not be so gorgeously tight. But I don't think it's visualized as much as I did when I was born a week ago. Of course, everyone is calmed: even though my uterus must be restored, my breasts will not be so huge and veins pierced if I start to breastfeed, and after a year, everything will be right again and again. nothing, but nothing really was like old. In principle, you can lose weight during breastfeeding, and I did so. When I still had an extra 10 kilos a year after birth, the glass was full. I got tired of feeling like I was in a foreign body every day. When I finished breastfeeding, I started exercising at home and trying to do strenuous daily activities with my little ones. I paid attention to eating, did not diet, just tried to eat healthier things and take more fluids on a regular basis. Efforts soon came to fruition. Slowly but surely, the goblins were coming down. I was about 64kg when it turned out that I was expecting baby dolls again. This time I decided to be very, very focused on eating and to be active for as long as I could. There will be no extra 20 kilos, I won't do this again. I went to bed every night, went to bed a lot, raised my grandfather, like 14 pounds to me and no bag. Then the next ultrasound overtook my plans: they declared me a pregnant woman at risk of bleeding. They had hormone depletion and calming, in order not to lose the baby. By the end of the fourth month, the rules were loosening a little, but I had to minimize lifting, climbing, any major movement and load. At the end of week 38, I gave birth to a 4-pound, beautiful, healthy baby boy. And the two baby dolls are also very hearty to my body.But the big hit lately is the adoption. Advertisements are also paying attention to not only trying to target 20 year old women with perfect body. More and more moms are sharing on Instagram and being proud of what a real woman looks like after childbirth. Here I am, who, year after year, still carries the extra 10 kilos of "costume" after childbirth and somehow does not feel her body, which makes her two more pregnant after pregnancy. I can't accept this, I can't love it because I don't feel like it really is. This inner warfare is publicly visible to me outside. In my posture, in the way I avoid others, my dressing is because I try to better hide my tummy or my heavy arms. While studying my altered shape and average tits, I often think - before dying in the bathroom - even though I am afraid of all sorts of surgical interventions - that I am lying under a scar. Of course, I quickly put an end to the idea, but that's why it's a motto in my head, even though I had previously avoided all forms of plasticity. I don't believe that. That is why I strive to work for myself. I have a personalized diet, try to be more active in my daily routine, and exercise twice a week. I am losing weight, though I have managed to get rid of it in a hell of a half year. On the advice of my doctors, I will soon go for a checkup, check my thyroid hormones and do a sugar test. And depending on the results, I continue my diet and further develop my workout plan."The woman who was so old a year ago will probably never look back at me from the mirror." However, I can still be a confident, pretty, shapely, two-year-old mom! I work on my body and I work on my soul as well. After all, this "mommy costume" - which I have physically carried and in a perverse sense - I not only have to lose weight, but I also have to let go of my brain. And if that succeeds, then I'm not going to say "God, am I really this?" But "God, this is really I!"More Articles:
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