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The "turkey filling" method is more effective than the flask program

The "turkey filling" method is more effective than the flask program

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If the turkey-filling method is known as intrauterine fertilization (IUI), the success rate is significantly increased.

How's the baby coming?

The procedure, called the turkey filling method, is that sperm would go directly into the vaginak during the insemination procedure. With this method, the chance of a successful pregnancy and death increases by 22 percent. "At first, however, IUI can be very useful, because in some cases, starting with IVF is like trying to blow up a dick with an ax," he says. Roy HomburgProfessor of Reproductive Science at Homerton University Hospital in London. According to one skilled in the art, by using drugs that promote proper fertility, IUI can be more effective than IVF, but it also has fewer side effects. All this is supported by two studies. University of Auckland staff members examined 201 women who tried to become pregnant three months in the wild. Those who did not succeed were switched to the IUI method. According to the results, with the help of IUI, the number of births has naturally reached 9 percent With IUI, it can be raised to 31 percent, which represents a 22 percent rise. A Dutch study has recently shown that IUI and IVF can produce similar results, Specialists and couples should think about IUI.The following articles are also related to flasks and fertilization topics:
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