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Another place to punish those who refuse protection

Another place to punish those who refuse protection

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Up to two thousand euros (620,000 forints) in cash could be raised in the future for Montenegrin parents who refuse to receive child protection; the Podgorica government adopted a proposal for a law on Thursday.

According to the Montenegrin Public Service Television (RTCG), if the parliament adopts the law on the protection of the population from infectious diseases, parents, parents, children, They can be fined between 100 and 2000 eurosand they are further required to authorize the vaccine.Montenegrу children are required for tuberculosis, tetanus, diphtheria, tetanus, childhood disease, haemophilus influenza, .As a general rule, children should receive 95 percent of the vaccine. In contrast, according to the National Institute of Health, last year, only 65 to 70 percent of children received the necessary vaccinations.Related articles in the vaccine topic:We would review the non-vaccinating parentsGermany tightens law on vaccinationNyjjimmunitás - What does this mean?