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Group Breastfeeding: Easier Together!

Group Breastfeeding: Easier Together!

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Anyone who barely moves out of the home with their baby can easily feel that they have to deal with a number of rare, unexpected and strange situations during breastfeeding. But there is a solution!

Now, twenty years later, the birth of my first child, ten years of breastfeeding, and more than a decade of breastfeeding activity, I find the most effective way to support breastfeeding. I've been leading the La Leche League in Berkeley for five years. At that time, I started with two Ilonkám and I haven't breastfeeded, and I look forward to seeing them. A lot of people have turned around in groups, who are now with their third, fourth child, or are on our mailing list for group life. Meetings are held once a month, and topics are organized around the following topics: pregnancy and preparation for breastfeeding, birth and first days, weeks, and first half. Occasions begin by telling everyone what they are concerned about, what stage they are breastfeeding, and what questions and difficulties they may have. Here you have the opportunity to tell others what they experienced, what they did, and with what results. From the practical to the different aspects of breastfeeding, we also talk about the emotional background of what a mother and her baby and her older baby are. There are a number of small iron rings and turtles in the group, but alive baby, adopted, breastfed babies, dysfunctional children with special needs and, of course, mothers who are very diverse. Even though they are open to their experiences, they are an important tool for breastfeeding, breastfeeding and communicating, communicating with and expressing love.
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In the Breastfeeding Portal, with lots of up-to-date and reliable information on breastfeeding, you can find information on breastfeeding groups across the country!

Why is it important?

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- There were no family, narrow-minded patterns that they could rely on. Our mother's generation in developed countries was at a point when it came to breastfeeding: many children (nowadays a parent) grew up organically, and it was common for women to go back to work with little babies.

The common denominator of the participants' wide range of values ​​in the groups is that "breastfeeding is important," but there is also room for differences. We have a great deal of information about our attitudes towards babies and many things to decide which one to consider authentic. The group can protect from fashion trends, fringe, but it also helps the acceptance of diversity. People tend to be light and quick, but the longevity of the group also shows that they have a more fruitful focus and interest in the other. For example, there are three breastfeeding mothers, one who breastfeeds her smaller and older children together, and one who finishes breastfeeding sooner and it is unthinkable for siblings to breastfeed. There are stricter and more lenient families in the group, and it is this diversity that makes the reunions so educational and lovable.


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