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That is how the father is with the child

That is how the father is with the child

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As the role of the father in the upbringing of children becomes more and more prominent, so do the studies of this parent, one after another.

There are mainly social reasons why in the past 10 years the role of the Father in child rearing has increased - write an article on This can be attributed to paternity leave, or to the fact that men can take advantage of some family support. Another difficulty is that in the children's wards of the hospitals, fathers generally cannot sleep with the child. In any case, a new type of fatherhood is developing, for men are spending more and more time with both the household and their childrenMen are becoming more involved in the early stages of childbirth, expecting a baby for exams, and are more and more present in their babies, too. But from a developmental point of view, men also have a good impact on babies, some studies say that they develop better, who communicate a lot with their dad. This is probably because, unlike mothers, the father does not necessarily direct the speech to the child, so there is more to learn.
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