Itching Running A Rare Cure: Vibration Allergy

Itching Running A Rare Cure: Vibration Allergy

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I slowly realize that I can't caress a cat. I am particularly afraid that I am exempt from Christmas tree trim because of the appearance of pine-tree touches. But even though I can't ride my bike innocently, it's a lot.

YOUR FIRST YEARS TO FIRST NOTICE: If I'm tired and running to catch a bus, both of them start burning, itchy, swollen. I didn't understand why, as with another bus this never happened. I would have been asking Freud what my physiological problem is that he is just 72 when I experience the same symptoms after a forest bike, just on my arm.
My body was swollen in a hot tub as the water flowed in a strong jet. That's why I don't have that much mental problem ... And when I started jogging regularly, and every time I did, I wanted to scratch my skin, so I decided to post-hurry.

Running can also cause allergic symptoms


I couldn't find anything in Hungarian, but in English, there was only a forum where a reader was convinced that lira is allergic and that her whole body will become red when she is riding or killing while riding. I was completely in love and I wanted to see English riding my bitch: oh, I'm in trouble, don't let yourself go! I searched further and found: yes! He wrote it down in the 1980s Sheffer and Austen vibration allergy. Йljen! Don't just believe it! Let's say it won't get much better, but at least I know what you're up to.
During this period, not only were vibration allergy suppressed, but also several other rare disorders: sun allergies, cold allergies, and contact allergies. And you may also find out that you may still be afraid of itching and skin. Many more serious allergic symptoms can occur: difficulty breathing, swelling of the mucous membranes of the mouth. Unfortunately, in extreme cases anaphylactic shock can occur.

The probable cause

But how can such an unpleasant condition be created without the introduction of foreign matter or foreign matter into our body? Researchers suspect that specific whites appear in the skin to influence the effect of physical change, and the body reacts as if it were a dangerous, foreign substance.
The allergic reaction to smoking is associated with other allergies: in many people, intensive exercise will not elicit the allergic reaction before eating certain types of food. For cure and prevention, we recommend the usual anti-allergic agents, antihistamines.

Poor child complaints ...

… They can be the same. However, unbelievable, unknown symptoms in adults may not be taken seriously. It aggravates the fact that with vibration, the skin and projections disappear in a matter of several minutes. By the time the itchy child is undressed, nothing can be seen.
Most doctors suspect contact allergies, first replace the laundry detergent, the rinse aid with the parent, and then search for nutrition allergy. However, he says he only itches during gymnastics days. Parents, think about vibration allergy and don't let yourself go!

But why the 72?

I'm still giving a vote. Why did bus 72 get a complaint? When I ran after 88, why not? Rбjцttem! Bus 72 had to run long slopes. And this is more of a smirk than it would be if you were running on a dirt road. The best solution for me is to start in time.
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