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The government does not make vaccines against cerebral inflammation free of charge

The government does not make vaccines against cerebral inflammation free of charge

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The cost of the vaccine needed for the defense is currently 108 thousand forints, and the vaccination will not be free.

The government does not make vaccines against cerebral inflammation free of charge

"False safety" and unclear clinical efficacy does not make the government free of charge for meningococcal B meningococci childish to it 108 thousand forints protection is avoided, since the need for such a vaccination is essential. There are already enough vaccinations over one year of age, but pediatricians do not expect to wait so long because statistics show that they are between 4 and 12 months of age. The Hungarian Nation has been besieging Lazzar János for months as to whether they intend to vaccinate. While the minister in charge of the ministry had previously said the government was considering expanding free vaccines, he was , or create a false sense of security in the software. It is believed that this would jeopardize the timely recognition and treatment of the disease, and further increase the incidence of the disease, including the occurrence of fatalities. Thus, "febrile reaction as a side effect may interfere with age-matched vaccinations, as febrile vaccination may be delayed," The clinical efficacy of the vaccine is still unclear, so far, there is little experience and international recommendation for its use, "quotes the government's response to the same "The question of vaccines against meningitis became the focus of attention last December, when a high school student in Budapest died of the disease. This year, the government has made it free of meningococcal C, which also causes meningitis, from this year's age - though only for 0-2 year olds, and not at any particular risk for adolescents. However, the latter was much cheaper by the time the vaccine cost a thousand forints. In the meantime, on Tuesday, another young child died of a suspected bacterial meningitis. Mátra Dúsáné Black, Chief Medical Officer of the Füzesabonyi said that the home doctor reported a fatal illness, which, due to the clinical symptoms, as well as vaccinations. According to the government's response, the possibility of extending the vaccination system is being investigated, and if so, when. Namely, neither in this year's budget amendment nor in the draft budget for next year no new vaccines of the same type have been discounted.(The statements quoted contain numerous professional omissions and inaccuracies, according to GlaxoSmithKline Ltd., a bulletin of which you can read more here.)
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