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5 Tips for Ticks Against Ticks Can Be Tactile Free in the Summer

5 Tips for Ticks Against Ticks Can Be Tactile Free in the Summer

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Most of the sunny summer days are used to leave the city walls filled with nature.

5 tips against ticksHowever, these trips - even when the weather is good - do not always end up cloudless, as they usually arrive home much more than they have left. In order to evict these illegal cubs and ticks and prevent them from moving in, Dr. Mбtray Бrpбd a homeopath gives us some good advice.

1. Let's go into nature in a closed suit!

Mabtray considers this the most elemental defense method, because of our neck, wrists, and ankles tight rubber clothing even if not hermetically, but it will block the passage of small parasites. Although the bar is not aesthetically pleasing, if your pants are not rubberized, put the socks on, as we are in the woods, not at a fashion show.

2. Catch yourselves!

If we cannot ensure that we go out in a closed garment, we should definitely apply it to the skin or customizable alarm. Of course, this can be used as an add-on solution, even if we were able to move it properly.

3. Let's test ourselves!

When we get home from an outing or just having a rest, we definitely look or see the surface of our body. Since ticks tend to penetrate areas covered with thin skin, it is worth examining the neck, abdomen, bladder, and the pelvic area more closely.

4. If you have a tick, there is a solution!

In addition to eliminating the tick, Брpбd Mátray recommends that local symptoms be reduced. Other than wound blight, the homeopathic remedy Ledum or Arnica is recommended, while Apis Mellifica is recommended to treat stings. Of these, dissolve 5-5 balls in half a glass of water in a 30-CH thaw and sip it under one ounce, causing slight swelling and itching. Arnic and Apist gel can also be applied to the broken surface.

5. In this case consult a doctor.

If you notice a malignant, red-colored dislocation in the area around the filter for more than one day, you may need to see a doctor, as it may be a symptom of Lyme disease.Related articles in tick ticks:
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