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Don't just pay attention to your iron intake during pregnancy!

Don't just pay attention to your iron intake during pregnancy!

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Iron intake is not the only focus during pregnancy. Did you know that 80% of iron deficiencies are women? When may you need iron burn?

When it comes to adequate iron intake, almost everyone immediately thinks of being tired because iron is essential for the functioning of the maternal body and it is indispensable for the health of the fetus. Iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy can also cause maternal energy deficiency, depression, heartburn; even though the fetus can inhibit the healthy development of the central nervous system, it can also lead to premature birth or low birth weight.It is important that during this period, you can also add regular iron intake, which can be taken orally.

Not only during pregnancy is important!

However, adequate iron intake should not only be taken into account during pregnancy as only a minor part of the iron ingested in the diet can be utilized. About 20 percent of animal iron, and about 5 percent of the iron found in plants. Incredible, but the average daily diet in Europe contains 10-15 mg of iron, of which only 1-3 mg can be utilized, and an adult's body - depending on body weight - can take approx. It contains 3-5 grams of iron (two thirds of which is present in the hemoglobin of red blood cells). And how much iron does the body need for balanced functioning? While this amount is 10mg a day for men, for women it is 15mg a day. But for women, this number can be much higher in certain life situations. During the pregnancy period, for example, 25 mg daily recommended iron intake values!

Did you know?
80% of iron deficiencies are women! Of course, this is not accidental. In these cases, adequate iron intake during pregnancy, lactation and menstruation is particularly needed. During menstrual bleeding, women may lose 10-30 mg / day of iron, about approx. 200 mg. If this increased need is not eliminated by women, then iron deficiency may develop. Statistics show that women of childbearing age have one-fifth iron deficiency, so it is particularly important to pay attention to the intake of this trace element.

When Can Iron Be Low?

Iron can be low in the body if something impairs absorption or increases its loss. The vashiбny mцgцtt tehбt tбplбlkozбsi error (eg. Egyoldalъ diйta non megfelelхen цsszeбllнtott йs szigorъ vegбn йtrend) tartуs vйrzйs (eg. Menstruбciуs or accident vйrvesztйs or emйsztхrendszeri betegsйg) csцkkent felszнvуdбs or akбr krуnikus gyulladбsos betegsйg also signs бllhat.Milyen figyelmeztetх may there be a need to pay more attention to iron intake?Palpation, Hair Loss, Hair and Cumslacrimation, fatigue and fatigue, muscle mass, fatigue, headache, poor sleep, and impaired concentration ability may indicate a problem with iron. however, it is essential that you pay attention to your iron intake. How you burn iron also depends on your disease and the iron deficiency measure.You may need increased iron intake:
  • eating one-sided, strict diet, or vegetarians
  • who have increased iron requirements (pregnancy and lactation, heavy menstrual bleeding, athletes)
Iron supplementation should primarily be solved by food intake, but oral medication, even dietary supplements, recommended by a physician, may also be indicated. institutional conditions.Dorottya Szarka, dietitian at the Allergy Center in Buda


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