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Pregnant Nausea: 9 Things That Can Help

Pregnant Nausea: 9 Things That Can Help

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Pregnancy malaise may be the first sign that a tiny little life is growing under your heart. Don't worry, the vomiting, nausea will soon be gone. These 9 tricks can help you through difficult weeks.

Pregnancy sickness affects 50-80 percent of pregnant women

Pregnancy malaise can be traced back to the hormone HCG and estrogen. Typically, Figures 4-6. the week of pregnancy raises the head around and reaches its climax at week 9. What you are saying is that it usually doesn't take long: 16-20. by the week, the everyday bitter nausea and nausea are in mind. The intensity of nausea, nausea, and vomiting also varies. If you are among them, try these tips:1. Take a couple of snacks before getting up. It may sound strange at first, but it's good to bake some biscuits before you get up. When you have eaten, rest for 20 minutes and then just get out of bed.2. Passwords: Little and often. Forget the 3 great canteens. Try eating five times more often and less.3. One Carbohydrate And White! Both of them helped to reduce the number of heartburns.4. Slow down! Don't hesitate, just be cool!5. The more infertile, lighter, the better! Now the sizzling, spicy, sour, jerky, fried foods are not your friends.6. Observe the temperature! It is best to have a cold or room temperature food.7. Get hydrated! It is important that you have enough fluid in your body. The liquid supply is also covered with food (about 1 liter a day), the rest should be provided with water. This is recommended to be 17 to 19 ml / kg body weight. If the water doesn't slip, you can try chilled fruit, tea, soups and soda water.8. Brush your teeth! After eating, set aside time for brushing your teeth to avoid stubborn tastes.9. Throw in the ring! Soothes the stomach. You can eat it raw by wrapping it in the sandwich, but it's good to include it in the biscuit.More Articles About Pregnant Nausea: