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Causes of alloimmune vomiting

Causes of alloimmune vomiting

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Pregnancy can be prevented by several factors, and when it comes to conception, it is about every fourth pregnancy.

Causes of alloimmune vomitingThere are a number of reasons for recurring "habituated" miscarriages, and we will take a closer look at alloimmune miscarriage information below. dr. Káddar Jbnos immunologist, with the help of the Immune Center.

Reasons for repeated miscarriages

If you have three or more consecutive pregnancies, repeated, also known as habituation beszйlьnk. More conception and conception work is needed in order to conceive and conceive the pregnancy, and if any error occurs at any point in the pregnancy, it can result in miscarriage. The most common reasons kцzt genetic hormonбlis йs nхgyуgyбszati ​​eltйrйsek include, but fertхzйsek, kцrnyezeti hatбsok, increased trombуziskйszsйg (йs нgy fetal / mйhlepйny keringйsйnek kбrosodбsa) йs immunolуgiai eltйrйsek also jбtszhatnak a role if valakinйl egymбst also tцbbszцri kцvetхen teherbeesйs ellenйre behind the vбgyott gyermekбldбs .

Father and maternal cells in the body

One type of immunologic abortion is alloimmune origin of water, which is created when the mother does not produce "inoculum" for the fetus. This would be necessary because the immune system's function is to protect the body from "encroachment" and, in the absence of it, because the fetus is also of the biblical origin, the mother's body also carries a host of foreign cells. This immunoglobulin is the protective substance that prevents this protective reaction from starting in the mother's body. Immunoglobulin should be designed to form a protective envelope such that paternal antigens do not appear. Failing this, the exit process will begin, and the abortion will take place.

How do I test?

Primary embryos (called blastocysts) appear paternal antigens after a couple of weeks. (Thus, such an alloimmune response does not play a role in adhesion disorders.) The paternal antigens stimulate the maternal body's rejection reaction - just as in an organ transplant. This rejection does not depend primarily on the size of the difference - small differences can cause eg. strong choice. Thus, the reaction is tested on living cells: by combining antigens on the surface of the parental cells with maternal cells capable of immunoreaction. The infinite source of such paternal cells after bloodshed is the separation of flawless white blood cells from the paternal blood, weakened and matched to the maternal cells. This is the Mixed Lymphocyte Reaction Assay (MLC).

In the case of Alloimmun weaning, the flask is no solution either

There is no point in furthering the process of childbirth until the role of the immune process in the abortion context is ruled out. In such a case, the commencement of the flask program would only mean further psychological distress, as in the case of a previous miscarriage of an alloimmun origin, unfortunately, it would not be possible to deliver the fetus in this way.

Management options

Dr. János Kádár said that if tests prove that there are indeed alloimmune abnormalities, couples, with the right treatment, have a very high chance of having a child in the future. If such a rare case of incompatibility arises, the mother produces a vaccine with the paternal cells (LIT intervention). At present, the only method available in the world is that the effect of inoculation with paternal white blood cells is protected in the mother, blocked antibodies will be producedthat can cover the fetus. An additional treatment immunoglobulin may also be used. Treatment Requirements: Habitat abortion (blastocyst may have been adhered), least possible pregnancy, incompatibility confirmed by MLC.Related articles in this topic:
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