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Do you get worse grades for overweight children?

Do you get worse grades for overweight children?

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Teachers' ideas may be worse than those of overweight children.

Do you get worse grades for overweight children? (Fotу: iStock) Body image is one of the topics that is difficult to handle in adulthood, and can be more difficult at a young age. According to various researches, the most critical period during adolescence, which positively or negatively influences body image development, is that it can also how they treat him. According to a study published in 2013, body weight is also reported on university enrollment, believe that over-candidates have a lower chance of getting to the university of their choice. However, according to a recent study in the British Journal of Education the distinction begins as early as our teens.Earlier studies have shown that overexposure is associated with poorer study outcomes, although it has not been determined exactly how. Kristin Finn and colleagues at Canisius University thought about what if it was the result of more discrimination and stigma, And numerous studies have been made which have proved this assumption. For example, a 2013 study found that hyperactivity was related to academic achievement but did not influence standardized tests: Excessive students were just as clever, but much less so successful.To further investigate this hypothesis, 133 elementary and high school teachers were collected in New York City, all teaching different age and teaching different subjects. At a teacher meeting, they were asked to participate in a research study to examine school graduation method йrvйnyessйgйt, as a result, an 11-year-old student received a handwritten text on sports and health. The text was collected from a distinguished class, and made sure that it was of an average quality - neither was there any good or bad for external experts. one was a "healthy" child, and the other was an overweight child. The picture is really made of the same girl, but only digitally altered, giving the girl an extra 10kg of weight. After reading the glass, the participants filled out a short questionnaire about the student and the glass, and had to write down their own opinions on the school grading system. weight or grace has very little effect on what grade a student is given. Teachers switched to more currency so that overweight children are in need of help or tutoring, and their work is less costly than their overweight counterparts, And in general, his book gave them a worse mark for their thesis - even though the theses were all the same. It also turned out that they did, the overworked students worked harder than the overworked ones - maybe because they thought they were, so they were, so they had to work harder. Interestingly, even though the teachers gave worse grades to the text of the oversized children, they did not change the quality of the paper.The kutatуcsoport eredmйnyeik jуl bemutatjбk kцtхdх the sъlyhoz elхнtйleteket that appear in tanбroknбl: prуbбlkozhatnak very kemйnyen йs lйtrehozhatnak same kiemelkedх munkбkat, kцtхdх the tъlsъlyossбghoz sztereotнpiбk befйrkхztek the oktatбsba is.A kutatбsban only hasznбltбk fehйr bхrы lбnyok kйpeit, нgy is that sъly йs how do other characteristics work, can be the subject of another research - for example, how does skin and body interact with each other, or is it also valid for young people? According to the researchers, images that were not digitally altered or full-size photos could be carried out, and teachers' body weight was not taken into account. Does an Overweight Teacher Have the Same Ideas? Overcoming bad body image is an important step in making teens happy and healthy adults. But to do this, you have to destroy the deep-seated assumptions about body weight. The first step is probably to recognize the existence of the idea - Remarkably, the teachers did not even think they would be influenced by such preconceptions in the distribution of grades. It is vital to recognize the factors that influence how we look at others. Excessive students are just as good as others: they should be treated the same way. (VIA)Related links:


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