Spinal anesthesia

Spinal anesthesia

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The need to reduce the pain of childbirth is still overwhelming, although some feelings include the sensation of motherhood and the role of childbirth in the formation of a mother-child relationship.

Spinal anesthesia

There are few areas of medical activity that carry as much misconception, misunderstanding, and misunderstandings as a procedure useful for relieving childbirth, that epidurбlisand the decision to mock it (cesarean section, vaginal surgery, etc.) applied spinбlis йrzйstelenнtйs.

The pan of the balance

There are several solutions available to analgesia, but it is undisputed that epidural anesthesia is most effective in meeting expectations. It is undeniable that every medical intervention, including the simplest ones, carries risks that we must always consider: the benefits of intervention are the most important "weight of any other pan in the balance." Cйlszerы of you have already elnevezйs kцrьli tйvhitek eloszlatбsa also often hear "backbone tцrtйnх" йrzйstelenнtйsrхl.Az epidurбlis йrzйstelenнtйst lumbбlis the spine, ie derйktбji szakaszбn tцrtйnх behatolбsbуl vйgezzьk, a magassбgban, ahovб the gerincvelх not you have already йr down any kцrьlmйnyek kцzцtt not. On the other hand, we are looking for a narrow space around the spinal cord (and, of course, the cerebellum) as well as for the epidermis, higher, so epidural anesthesia can be used at spine height).

Dosing as required

The beavatkozбs lйnyege: led the elхbb emlнtett epidurбlis tйrbe vйkony mыanyag katйteren small vйkony csцvцn Transferred keresztьl йrzйstelenнtхszert gбtoljuk here futу йrzхidegek mыkцdйsйt, ezбltal led йrzйsek for posts by these people - and нgy the szьlйsi fбjdalom йrzйse - do not reach the brain lйvх йrzх kцzpontba, and the sensation of pain ceases. Bee infestations continue to be largely unchanged, but only the pain associated with them ceases. pain relief led, but often in the advancement of birth, a in the depression of the degree program nyerьnk also elхnyt alkalmazбsбval and koraszьlйsek esetйn ellazulбsa szьlхcsatorna szцveteinek posts by these people in the fetal szьletendх esйlyeit jelentхsen javнthatjuk.Maga the beavatkozбs not fбjdalmas the szьlх nх oldalfekvх position felhъzva lбbбt lies kidomborнtva йs hбtбt the hбt megfelelх terьletйnek sebйszi fertхtlenнtйse йs izolбlбsa utбn the bхr We also penetrate the epidural area after sensation of the tissue under the skin. In the hands of a trained practitioner, catheter introduction requires only a few minutes. The elimination of pain is complete within 15-20 minutes after the administration of the anesthetic solution. The szьlйs kitolбsi szakaszбban - when szьlх nх aktнv kцzremыkцdйsйre the hasprйs alkalmazбsбra is szьksйgьnk - but you have already йrzйstelenнtхszert бltalбban not be added and the нgy nyomбsi stimulus kцzel total egйszйben visszatйr.A gбt szцvetei such ash relax йrzйketlenek, нgy egyrйszt szьksйges ritkбbban gбtmetszйs application, possible barrier lesions are formed on the tube, and if you choose to have another barrier section, its loss and postpartum care will be painless.

The size of the area can be influenced

Spinel Anesthesia From Epidural Anesthesia differs on several important points. The unidentified solution is azn. spinel volume, that is, in the cerebrospinal fluid, most times in a single serving. The technical implementation of the filter is much like the one described for epidural insensitivity, with the exception that in spinal anesthesia, the -tйrbe. After this, the anesthetic effect develops within minutes, and what is very important, it inhibits not only the sensing but also the moving function for by tilting the patient's operating table, the "height" of the anesthetized can be influenced. The йrzйstelenнtх hatбs kialakulбsбval the vйrnyomбs бtmeneti esйse kцvetkezhet in which megelхzйse cйljбbуl least 1.5 liters intravйnбs infъziу alkalmazбsa does mыtйtet megelхzхen megoldбst.Csбszбrmetszйsnйl vйgzett spinбlis йrzйstelenнtйs megelхzi szьletйs utбni lйgzйsi zavarбt altatуszer caused by the fetus or lehetхvй make "egyьttszьlйst" mыtйt even though, as the father may be present throughout the operation, and in addition to his pair of births. Who is not recommended for epidural or spin sensation? Most important rule: if the parent does not ask for it, or if we plan to have a doctor on the basis of a medical indication, but the butterfly does not agree, then no conditions should be applied. The most commonly Possible szцvхdmйnyek vezethetхk to technical problйmбra: the epidurбlis tйr felkeresйse ьtkцzik or kivitelezhetх egyбltalбn (szыk csigolyakцzцk, chalky spine) and tъlzottan due to the nature of the epidurбlis tйr szыk szъrбs kapcsбn the kemйnyagyhбrtyбn (dura) nyнlбst ejtьnk.Ez utуbbi case nehйzsйgekbe nйhбny a drop of brain water almost always disappears across the body, and this can cause headaches after birth, but there are no other dangers. Theoretically, the drug administered may epidermalize in the epidural space and cause general symptoms: this requires a number of precautions during the intervention.


Epidural and spinal anesthesia, when given personal and material conditions, are safe and effective in alleviating pain in labor and delivery. One of the biggest advantages of this is that while the mother reduces her pain, she does not have to have fetal adverse effects without reaching the fetus, and even gives the baby a clear benefit.


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