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How Much do Hungarian Mothers Breastfeed?

How Much do Hungarian Mothers Breastfeed?

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We are above the European average in terms of breastfeeding propensity. Good news, because breastfeeding is not only beneficial for the baby, it has a positive effect on the health of the mother in the long run.

How long do Hungarian mothers breastfeed?

Emphasizing Healthy Nutrition in 1992 by the World Health Organization (WHO) Announced August 1, World Day of Breastfeedingand then the first week of the month was designated as the Year of Breastfeeding - Hungary joined the Initiative in 1993. On a World Day, the Czeizel Institute Specialist was advised to breastfeed for at least six months receive exclusively breast milk. Unfortunately, even today, infant mortality is a good part of the lack of breastfeeding in some countries. In our country, the New Mother 36% feed baby up to 6 months exclusively with breastfeedingbut 90% of pregnant women start breastfeeding after childbirth, which is a good value compared to 60% in Europe. The WHO recommends that only the child at least 1-2 years old According to the latest folytatуdhasson.A felmйrйsek the szьlйs elхtt бllу anyбk large tцbbsйge consciously kйszьl the szoptatбsra, you have already purchased szakkцnyvekbхl, internet portбlokrуl йs szakorvosoktуl the elmйleti tudбst, felkйszьlnek also lйlekben mikцzben half of meghatбrozу idхszakra.A csecsemхk nйgy hуnapig, a third of them under the terhessйg is included in breast milk diets for up to half a year. "Breast milk pozitнv hatбsairуl szбmos tanulmбny szьletett it has already the йvek folyamбn. The small йletйnek elsх idхszakбban biztosнtja the optimбlis цsszetйtelы йs hхmйrsйkletы tбplбlйkot. Szбmos tanulmбny bizonyнtotta breast milk immunvйdelmet- йs against fertхzйsekkel more vйdettsйget biztosнtу hatбsбt well. Йlх anyagkйnt breast milk цsszetйtelйben constantly adjusting to the child's changing needs and rich in vitamins and trace elements, "he said. Dr. Zsuzsanna Almбssy, Czeizel Institute Infant and Pediatric Chief Physician. However, you should not be saddened by mothers who do everything in their power to diminish but their health does not allow them to start. In fact, different breast milk collecting stations try to help infants who are deficient in breast milk. Freshly milked milk is both qualitatively and qualitatively controlled and pasteurized, so this is currently the safest way to breast milk. THE tejtestvйr-kцzvetнtйs is also a useful option, but since this is not controlled by official bodies, the data on milk production can be questionable. Therefore, first of all, we should try our acquaintance, our family, or rely on our guardian. "Breast-fed babies are less likely to have infections, pneumonia, and cancer in adults, and cancer is a common cause of cancer." Recent scientific studies have shown that breastfeeding mothers are less likely to develop breast and ovarian cancer.
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