Breastfeeding tips from day to day

Breastfeeding tips from day to day

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Breastfeeding also changes as the baby develops. We help you adapt!

Even though you are already thinking about having your baby breastfeeded, some more complex questions about breastfeeding will probably come up in your mind. Now we try to answer these with the help of fitpregnancy.com.

The first day of tomorrow

I heard you had to learn the right breast placement. Is that really that important?Yes. If you do not breast-feed your baby well, you may not be able to suck all the milk, and you may become breastfeeded and inflamed. Нme, dr. Corky Harvey American Breastfeeding Advice Tips for Proper Techniques:
Sit comfortably (you can put pillows under your belly, your arms light, your legs under your feet) so that your muscles are not stretched anywhere.
Then place the baby comfortably so that you are lying on your side and your whole body facing you. Your head should be at your leaning and your ears shoulders should be aligned with your torso. Position your baby so you don't have to bend!
Then grab your chest so that your thumb is up, the rest of your fingers are underneath. (Use the thumb and the index finger to form the letter C.)
Touch the small upper lip with the nipple, and when the baby opens his mouth, bring it closer to you and place the nipple and nipple (not just the nipple) in your mouth.

Day 2

How do I know my baby is eating enough?This is the most common question asked by moms since it is difficult to tell how much the baby has eaten when breastfeeding. However, you can infer that everything is fine, first and foremost, that 6-8 pee pelis per day and, on average, 2-3 khaki diapers. "As long as the baby is properly brought and the number of diapers used is adequate, it is almost certain that the baby will get enough nutrition," he says. dr. Jeanette Panchula California doctor and breastfeeding advisor. However, if you are worried about this, contact your pediatrician.

The third day

I have to go back to work, but I don't want to stop breastfeeding. How can I solve it so I can milk?First of all, talk to your workforce so that you can find the best solution in the first place. "It's important that if you know in advance that you will have to go back to work, as soon as your baby starts working out at 3-4 weeks to get a little practice, the little one will be accustomed to feeding and collecting breast milk in the breast." advises dr. Panchula. If you need to go back in full condition, you may want to invest in a double electric headboard as you can save a lot of time. And in your workplace, it would be best to get better at growing up and around at the same time as breastfeeding your baby.

4th tomorrow

I drink a glass of wine from time to time. How long do I have to wait before breastfeeding?Generally speaking, a serving of alcohol (about 2.3 deci beer; 2 deci wine, or 1 short drink) eliminates from your body - in other words, from breast milk - so you can make it safe for your breast after that time . But better still, watch how you feel: as long as you smell a little alcohol, don't start breastfeeding!

5th tomorrow

I heard that breast-feeding babies are starting to sleep a lot sooner. Should my child be capable of this?Above all, it should be stated that "having a good night's sleep" for a baby of this age means 5-6 hours of continuous sleep, not 8-9. And something else: every baby is different. There are babies who go to bed late at night from the age of three weeks, while others get much shorter. "Babies start having a good night's sleep when they are eaten, regardless of whether they are breastfeeding or nutritious," says dr. Panchula. Regardless, because breast milk is digested faster than formula, suckling babies will eat more often - so quasi more wake up at night - than their normal counterparts.

6th tomorrow

Looks like my kid is ready to feed. When can we get started?"Breast milk is still the most important diet for your baby, so it's important to always put it on your breast first before breastfeeding," he advises. dr. Debi Page Ferrarello breastfeeding advice. For advice on nutrition, seek advice from a nurse / physician and start with the foods that are indicated by him / her. Make sure you introduce a new diet every 3-5 days so that you can filter out what causes the symptoms in case of an allergy.

7th tomorrow

Can I get pregnant while breastfeeding?Yes, however, you should not take two-component pills during this time, as their estrogen content may reduce breast milk production. In this case, a special gestation-only fertility supplement is prescribed and you can start using it after the six-week gestation period.

8th tomorrow

I've had breast inflammation several times. How can I avoid being stopped again and what can I do to work faster?"Unfortunately, as the baby's breastfeeding agenda changes, so does the risk of developing breast inflammation every time," says Ferrarello. "When the baby starts to eat more solid foods and therefore breastfeed less, the milk may start to sag in the breast, which can lead to the sucking of the milk canal." It is best if you breast-feed or milk your affected breast more often, the more fluid you consume, and relax. You can put a warm compress on your breast, but if you have a serious problem (fever, flu-like symptoms), make sure you consult your doctor!

9th tomorrow

My baby is biting my nipple more and more times. What should I do to stop it?You may not be hungry for a while (this is often the end of breastfeeding), but it may just be playing. Instead of shouting, kindly take your breasts out of your mouth and say "not allowed". In a few days, he'll understand that this is crap, perseverance for you!

10th tomorrow

It is as if the suckling is getting less and less interested. Is this normal?"Yes, that's completely natural. Babies start to discover their surroundings and suddenly they are curious about everything," says Harvey. You may be very frustrated, but believe me, it will go away. This does not mean that it is time to recharge.

11th tomorrow

My child eats more and more solid food. How many times should I breastfeed a day?"At least four times a day," says Harvey. "Such an old baby still needs 4.7 to 5.9 deci of breast milk a day." By the end of their first lives, half of the calorie intake should come from breast milk.

12th day

I'm not sure I'm ready to recover. Can I exclusively breastfeed my baby over the age of one?"As long as your baby is breastfeeding, he is in complete immunity. In addition, there is a special bond between you, so there is really no reason to give it up," says Harvey. "As long as you and your baby are happy, well-advanced and well-nurtured, you don't have to push for nutrition."Related articles:
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