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Are every twelfth child premature?

Are every twelfth child premature?

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According to statistics, 8.4% of babies are born prematurely.

Are every twelfth child premature?

What's early?

A mature newborn is born from the 37th to the 40th week of pregnancy at approx. 3000-3500 grams. Newborns are those born before the 37th week of pregnancy.
They usually come in small weights below 2500 grams. Not only are they smaller, but they have other body proportions and their different organs work differently. Because an important stage in the development of the womb is relentless, so that their internal organs may not be fully matured into a flamboyant world of life. Lungs, nervous systems, brain underdeveloped, immune systems much weakerlike their normal-born counterparts, so they are more prone to different infections. Due to the irresponsibility of the nervous system, premature babies also have other reflexes, reactions and behaviors.

Causes of premature birth

The cause of premature birth is largely unknown, though there are certain factors, which are more common in preterm birth. Twins and triplets are often born prematurely. If the fetal membrane ruptures sooner, the amniotic fluid leaks or drains, if the cervix expands before birth, the uterus is not raised normally, the fetus is not healthy, and the mother is not sick due to maternal disease. viral infections in the early stages of pregnancy attack the fetus and, as a result, the fetus suffers from a severe malformation and may be born at an early age.
Smoking, alcoholism, inadequate nutrition, drugs can inhibit the development of the fetus in utero, the functioning of the placenta is inadequate and cannot provide the fetus with proper nutrition.
Many times, the combination of these states will eventually lead to premature birth.

Special care for premature babies

Premature babies require special care provided by the perinatal-neonatal in an intensive center get them. There are a total of 29 of these newborn intensive care units in Hungary, 8 in Budapest, in the other major county seats. Depending on the condition, condition, illness, the first few weeks or months of their lives are spent by premature babies. Intensive care units are designed to provide complex medical care to those in need of early childhood care.
The first days of life are the hardest for newborns, and even more so for newborns. Most deaths occur in the first two weeks. Overcoming the complications more and more, he succeeded fully, but it often takes months.
The task of the premature intensive care unit is to provide a "baby motherbirth" for the little ones, where they can infiltrate the last weeks of growth and development in the mother. Even the function of the immature organs often needs support.

Early rescue

Early rescue is needed when small children are to be found in a place where there is no perinatal intensive center. In these cases, they are transported to the nearest prematurity class in a specially equipped ambulance, essentially in a moving intensive care room or in the transport incubator therein. The Hungarian Early Savior Guidebook, founded in 2002 in Hungary, Hungarian Early and Newborn Saved Foundation January 2007: 8 countryside neonatal and patient neonatal rescue and transportation foundations will consolidate established neonatal rescue and transportation foundations and organizations.
Combining previously established foundations throughout the country has resulted in permanent care, 24-hour early rescue alert, and greater efficiency. The largest organization of the Gazetteer is Budapest Peter Cerny Foundation, which was the first such organization in our country in 1988.
"The Hungarian lakossбg kцzel 40% -бt ellбtу Peter Cerny Alapнtvбnyi Mentхszolgбlat Budapest approx. 140 km kцrzetйben biztosнtja hiбnypуtlу szolgбltatбsбt. Mыkцdйsйnek 14 йs fйl йve over 30 146 patients koraszьlцttek йs ъjszьlцtt mentйsйt, хrzцtt szбllнtбsбt vйgezte. 6429 was a time in the szбllнtбs "I have failed breathing with a respiratory machine that was previously not possible. Re-activation occurred in 702 cases, with 88% success," he says. Dr. Zsolt Somogyvбri, leader of the foundation.
The work of the Hungarian Early Childhood Rescue Fund, which is considered to be highly publicized, is supported by the state. All the necessary assistance is also needed to ensure the material conditions of a modern working life, as the vehicles and the instruments are worn out and used. In 2003, the statute completed nearly 7,000 rescue and transport missions, and prematurely rescued assault vans covered nearly 200,000 kilometers, providing all the need for newborns. In 2014, there were a total of 3,840 withdrawals from the statute. We also want to spend money on the 1% of the donations that can be offered for development.
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Source: Peter Cerny Foundation
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