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Grandma's Cooking - these are the dishes that bring old memories, safety, family meals to our minds. Old Family Recipes are recommended to help you make the most heart-rending, hot-hearted treats for your heart.

Light dumplings with dried apricot and honey sour cream

I got into the button:
1/2 kilo volume (cream, traditional or ricotta)
three eggs
two tablespoons of honey (optional)
one third of a vanilla barrel
the skin of a biocytrom, the little juice
eight tablespoons of full-grain grungy or couscous
a teapot sou
to the box:
oats or rolls of oats rolled in ten tablespoons
a tablespoon of dried cinnamon
for the road:
6 deci natural yogurt or sour cream
two-three tablespoons of honey
twenty grains of dried apricots

Light bulb

I lightly boil water. I whisk the egg yolk thoroughly with the honey, stir in the puree, scrape out the vanilla seeds, toss the radish residue into the hot water, add the seeds to the puree mass with a little lemon zest. (I can mix the chopped dried apricots in the mushrooms of the mushrooms, or add them to the sauce later.) I put it in water. You are ready when you come to the top of the water. Most of all, in a robotic machine, I process yogurt (or sour cream) with honey and apricots so that the peaches remain in pieces. In another bowl, I grind the oatmeal or tin flakes in almost dust, mix with the cinnamon and then whisk in a dry pan.
Drain the ready dumplings, roll into the flaked flakes, roll them over, and finally pour them over the peach yogurt. To make the remaining dried apricot sticks, I sprinkled them with lemon peel.
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