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Can you get pregnant without it?

Can you get pregnant without it?

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Women born with or without a lung may have a new chance of having a baby.

In the past, they have tried reptiles in Saudi Arabia and Turkey, but have failed. Now, however, it seems that a Swedish clinical trial can succeed. The new bee must come from a close relative, and the conception comes in the form of artificial insemination.

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Dr. Mats Brannstrom and the wounds of the University of Gothenburg have undergone a complex surgical procedure in nine women and so far the new abdomen seems to be functioning properly. Fertilization is coming soon, which, while hopeful, is also aware of the possibility of failure.
If the pregnancy is successful, then the birth will be done by conceiving. Doctors estimate that the uterus can carry up to two children, and after that it will have to be removed from the mother's body. For the time being, the most worrying factor is that organ transplants are involved in immuno-treatment, which can also adversely affect fetal development. Children will probably be born in the future. So far, the intervention of the Turks has been successful in one woman, but she was rejected in the second month of her pregnancy.


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