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It's a wonderful family

It's a wonderful family

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In spite of the work and the appreciation of leisure activities, we spend the most pleasant minutes with you. However, in a family life, there are worse times that we need to deal with in order to restore harmony.

It's a wonderful family

Tasks of the family

When we hear the family, almost all of us have the same image in our mind's eyes, a community of parents and children, whose members are bound by blood. This image, nor do you look good the family line. Unfortunately, we all know solitary or malfunctioning families where the ropes of the bar are given, but let's not say they are a real family. This also requires a strong emotional bond between the family members, so that they can show some true message, meaning that the family has a firm grip on its members. It is clear from all this that the family has a biological and economic role to play also with a psychological task It has. That is why it is especially important for a toddler.

Roles in the family

Every family is made up of the bond of different people in many ways. Because of this, you might be inside the family different roles develop. Roles generally let us know in advance what the other member of the family is expecting, but they often cause difficulties as the family and its members change. A first baby-raising couple needs to learn that they are not just looking at each other, but also having children, that is, mother and father. Unfortunately, however, these new roles are exclusive. Slowly, the couple's members do not look at each other as men and women, although the most important task of this period is to arrange the parent's role in harmony with the role of partner or spouse. In order to do this, you need to be able to not only be a newcomer, but to each other in the same way, giving the same care to others as before.As a little baby grows, his needs change. As she gets more active, her dad will become more involved in parenting. This can be a source of conflict when parents begin to compete with their toddler's attention or, on the contrary, dad withdraws himself from the play with reference to fatigue. In this case, it's a good idea to change our attitude and discuss with your couple that the little mom and dad both need it, so it's best to they both deal with it.During the same period, when children are two or three years old, parents often start thinking about a small sister. Many-three-year-olds would find it ideal to say it is neither too big nor too small, but from a psychological point of view does not appear to be verifiable.Children three years old often consider their new sibling to be a treacherous person who distracts their parents, even though a one-year-old wouldn't understand it, he should look and feel like a little. One way or another, sooner or later, there are many families that are a roles rebuilding igйnyli. The firstborn has to learn that they are not the only one, and the parents have to learn how to divide them so that they can all pay attention to the seedlings. This can cause problems during a transition period, but if the first child is made aware that he or she has not become less important than before and the parents split the tasks between them, then the family can stop this change.

The effect of family on the child

Families for young children are the primary space for learning new things, developing, interacting with, and interacting with other people. For these reasons, it plays the same role today as it did in pre-modern times.Family events and behaviors seen in the family pйldaйrtйkыek, because they give you a sample of the later personification of what's good and what's wrong. Therefore, it is important for parents to discuss conflicts in the family with each other, but also with their children and children when needed, so that this wonderful family is always in harmony.


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