MODY Diabetes Mellitus: occurs mainly in adolescence

MODY Diabetes Mellitus: occurs mainly in adolescence

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MODY, a form of monogenic diabetes, has a number of subgroups depending on its genetic disorder. More than 25 yrs will apply. It is therefore important that this type of illness is discovered, because then a tailor-made therapy can be developed.

MODY Diabetes Mellitus: occurs mainly in adolescenceWe talked about this dr. Bibok with GeorgeDiabetes Center with Diabetes Mellitus In Hungary, 10 to 15 thousand people with diabetes can be caused by monogamous diabetes, with the lowest amount of the active ingredient in the glomerulus, the diminutive of the genes: Diabetes, we currently know about a dozen of these types of diabetes: the majority occur in adolescence, usually before the age of 25, with frequent cumulative family history, overexposure and lack of insulin therapy, or newborns. Gyula Bibok, Diabetes Center at the Diabetes Center. There is a disease for which the causative gene is not known, which is called MODY X. Following a specific, customized treatment, the physician will recommend the most effective drug therapy to the patient following the genetic test. It is also important to filter the children in case of family stacking!

Inquiries and answers about MODY

Can it happen in children?Multiple generations of the family may be affected by this type of diabetes and may be seen in 2-3 generations. If a gene containing a particular mutation is passed on to a child by a parent, then MODY will probably develop.In the background of overexposure, like so many diseases, can this be the case?There is no correlation between obstruction and MODY! Obesity is not typical of MODY, but of course, it can occur in adults, but rarely. Obesity is common in type 2 diabetics. There are cases when a patient is presumed to have type 2, but in the background may be MODY-type diabetes.Could it be that a diabetic years shorter than the monogenic background?Yes. Often, many subgroups of MODY are identified only in adulthood.In the case of MODY, can insulin be discontinued in therapy?Yes. If a specific subtype of MODY is genetically proven, it may be possible to switch from insulin treatment to tablet therapy, a so-called sulphonylurea. However, the diet should not be abandoned, consult your doctor!Related articles on Diabetes:
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