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Menopause: barely one percent of women get hormone depletion

Menopause: barely one percent of women get hormone depletion

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In menopausal years, the risk of lowering estrogen levels increases as a result of lowering the number of congeners and requiring 10 to 20 percent of patients to have hormone deficiency therapy, even less than one percent.

In addition to hemorrhagic signs that indicate hormonal changes, you may also have hot flushes, night sweats, circulatory lability, fast heart rate, memory loss, Dr. Szabolcs Vbrbnrу, associate professor at the SOTE Department of Fertility and Nursing. Due to the transformation of the fall system, the skin and hair will become dry, the lesions will become more compact, and the metabolism will change, so consuming the same amount of food can lead to weight gain. Following menstrual failure, the vagina and bladder may dry out, become dehydrated, more likely to have various infections, and also have more frequent urinary incontinence.Most women do not get hormone supplementation The associate professor emphasized that as the age of menopause significantly decreased the level of estrogen, which controls the cardiovascular system, the incidence of cardiovascular diseases increases with menopause, Accelerated the йrelmeszesedйs йs Alzheimer kуr kialakulбsa also tovбbbб as the цsztrogйn may start one of the most important elхsegнtхje csontйpнtйs, нgy termelхdйsйnek megszыnйsйvel the csontszegйnysйghez, then the same would be йrintettek 10-20 szбzalйkбnak egйszsйgьgyi szempontbуl szьksйge csontritkulбshoz the experience vezetх professor folyamat.A hormone deficiency therapy, even though women of menopausal women have less than one percent in Hungary. The main reason for this is the unfavorable echo of the cheese, which has been carried out in the United States for more than 15 years, with a poorly designed, large patient-follow-up examination. "In layman's terms, events that highlighted the events but ignored the beneficial changes discouraged many patients and non-cure physicians also suggested that you use hormone pills," Dr. V said. treatment during the first 5 to 10 years of menopause will eliminate complaints, Mнg care szыrхvizsgбlatokkal the szцvхdmйnyek kockбzata minimalizбlhatу.A hormonpуtlбs szьksйgessйgйt should always be tailored egyйnre йs kцrьltekintхen meghatбrozni but elmondhatу бltalбnossбgban that terбpia ajбnlott those who elхtt 45 йves stay at the menstruбciуjuk, 40 or 60 йs йv kцzцttiek of kцzьl , who complain of hot flashes, sleep disorders, or who are at risk of osteoporosis. The kezelйsekkel menopause idejйn lost цsztrogйn body juttatбsa the cйl, which 15-20 szбzalйkkal csцkkenhet pйldбul the szнv- йs йrrendszeri megbetegedйsek kockбzata, also the mйrsйklхdhet mйhtestrбk йs lйpх the bйldaganat esйlye.Minden vбltozу nхnek ajбnlott age of menopause ъgynevezett szakrendelйs felkeresйse where it is thoroughly examined from normal women's trade. Kerьl a series of hьvelyi ultrahangvizsgбlatra that the mйhnyбlkahбrtya бllapotбrуl tбjйkoztat, this kнvьl beutaljбk the pбcienst csontsыrыsйg vizsgбlatra, mammogrбfiбra or a laborvizsgбlatra which szыrni the szнv- йs йrrendszeri kockбzatot also lehet.Az elsх vizsgбlat utбn бltalбban gyуgynцvйnykйszнtmйnyeket the proposed tьnetek enyhнtйsйre, each йs in some cases this will completely eliminate the complaints. These are the so-called phytoestrogens, compounds of plant origin that are capable of binding to and acting on the body's estrogen receptors like the female sex hormone. Such natural help can be an example your souvenir, linseed or orb. The need for further treatment, after evaluating the test results, was decided by a specialist. Hormone depletion is recommended if the hot flushes do not disappear or there is a tendency to osteoporosis and there is no contraindication, for example, a tendency of the breast to decelerate, stroke, thrombosis. (Via)You may also be interested in:
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