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Breast change, development from birth to motherhood. What kind of developmental abnormality, pain, "lump" or ulceration in the breasts? And finally: how to do a breast exam?

All newborns' memory is swollen with mammalian hormones, and may have little action. It disappears after a couple of weeks. Adolescent breast development It begins at 7-9 years, and usually runs on only one page. Does the parent be frightened that there is no tumor on the child's breast? Hormone-containing creams, diets, infections, and breakouts can cause premature breast growth. Initially, she has a one-sided, painful swelling of the breast, often only a year later, followed by the painful development of another breast. It may take 3-5 years to reach full maturity. The two breasts are generally not the same. But the cause of asymmetry can be cancer, inflammation, goiter, cysts. Small breast can be a cancerous, genetic cause, but it can also be caused by malnutrition. The cause of the large breast is the increased hormone sensitivity of the mammary gland, which can cause persistent abnormalities and back pain. Plastic surgery is only possible after the breast is fully developed. Painless, well-defined cysts in adolescence are not uncommon. These are often a sex hormone balance befolyбsolja. Most juvenile breast cancers are malignant. Flexible, well-defined, painless lumps are conservative, but require monitoring every few months. In the case of a rapidly growing tumor, intervention is definitely required.

It is important to have regular examinations!

Even when bitter, brittle, it may remain a lump, which takes a long time to dissipate. Various infections in the womb, postpartum and postnatal mammary gland can cause goiter, which is treated with drugs and wounds. Breast pain is also a common complaint. It can be physiological, which is not inflammatory, but it can be inflammatory in origin, as well as sensitive in the early pregnancy. The girls need to be taught the breast exam! If you are having menstruation, you should do it one week after completion the exam.
  • Let's take a look at the mirror to see if the breast is the same?
  • Does it have a color (inflammatory) abnormality?
  • Touch the breasts with your paws lying down and lying down, as shown by the circular motion, then radially from below to below.
  • When finishing, carefully press the budbud, to avoid any possible action.
In the event of any unclean changes, seek medical help from a specialist in childrenswear:
1089 Budapest, Ьllхi ъt 86.
Phone: 459-9100 / 1344 Busts.


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